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Saturday, 10/06/2012, 11:54 am

Nick Diaz Says He Will Gladly Fight GSP Tomorrow | UFC NEWS

Nick and Nate Diaz make an unusual media apprearance at Spike’s MMA Uncensored Live answering questions from the media, facebook and twitter fans.  The show put out a poll ‘Who wins the Lightweight Title Fight?’ in the beginning of the show.  The results came back with  18%  Ben Henderson,  82%  Nate Diaz.

Nick Diaz time and again gets asked about his legal wrangling with the Nevada State Athletic Commission and his yearlong suspension.

Nick Diaz states….

“I’m not really focused on that right now.  I’m just trying to live life like a normal person real quick.  I’ve been fighting every 3 months since I was 16 with one suspension or break before just taking some time off real quick. “

  All 3 hosts of the show feel Nick Diaz was victimized and made a scapegoat by the NSAC considering it’s marijuana vs TRT.  There are legitimate performance enhance drugs fighters have used and tested positive and their suspension isn’t nearly as long.  They then asked “Do you feel like the NSAC is picking on you?

 Nick Diaz:

“Yeah, maybe.  I don’t know if they expected me to be around this long and to do half as good as I did.  They got to use somebody to point the finger at and right now it’s been me.  It’s easy to make me the guy.

 Q:  If things go well and say the suspension gets lifted tomorrow are you ready to fight?

 Nick Diaz:

“I’m always training to fight you know that’s just me.”

 Q:  If someone gets injured you can fill in?

Nick Diaz:

“Sure.  I’m ready.  I’m not gonna slow my training.  I compete in triathalons and just overall fitness year round.  I’m always trying to make an improvement as I’m growing older and just overall trying to improve my athletisism so yeah.  I’m ready to do something that’s worthwhile.”

Q:  Growing up is there a fighter you try to imitate or now that you guys try to imitate

 Nick Diaz:

“Always been a really big Royce Gracie fan that’s pretty much who got me tapping people out but I wasn’t under any instruction in jiu jitsu but I know what I see and say hey I can do that.  Just til I made my way to the fight team training”

Nate Diaz:

“Royce Gracie, Rickson Gracie, Renzo Gracie, Ninja Rua and Shogun Rua.  And my dude right here(pointing at his bro big Nick)”

Final question to Nick:  If you’re eligible to fight tomorrow and you’re in there with GSP would  you beat him?

Nick Diaz:

“Oh yeah, I’ll win the fight.  Yeah.”

Final question to Nate:  After December will you be the lightweight champion of the world?

Nate Diaz:

“That is definitely the plan.”

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47 Responses to “Nick Diaz Says He Will Gladly Fight GSP Tomorrow | UFC NEWS”

  1. josiah says:

    beat GSP? all i can see is a wacked up face nick diaz complaining about his opponents gameplan and the judges decision. if you’re really that good of a fighter you gotta respect your opponents technique and deal with it, you can’t expect every fighter to just stand in front of you and wait to be punched…

    • dw420 says:

      Nick cuts easily and GSP is a greaser with a huge backing from the UFC, media and general public especially when compared to Nick. So i can see the outcome you describe as plausible.

      What i find funny is the fact that you think that his opponents which tend to throw laughably weak strikes and run away..are dealing with his technique…when fighting is not a points game by nature…in a street fight the winner is the last guy standing, not the idiot that danced around for half an hour until he got cornered and KOed.

      You and many other Diaz haters seem to forget that the judges were placed there so bouts didn’t come out as draws when the time was up, not so that they could be the deciders of who is the winner. When you turn an MMA fight into a dance dance revolution contest, you are not making use of any strategy other than “stalling”.

      These men are paid to fight..but when they fight “not to lose” instead of fighting to win, they should be penalised by the judges instead of being rewarded with questionable justifications.

      • Josiah Zerna says:

        i hear you. but pls consider, nick has better boxing skills,iron chin and wicked cardio and not to mention his ground game which is also top notch he’s a freak of nature, i should say. you don’t want to go toe to toe with this kind of guy. and on top of the skill set mentioned above, nick keeps on moving forward, always an aggressor and takes punches to land one of his own. this guy will eat you alive.

        but given these odds condit has to live his dream as a champ. so best thing he can do is utilize the tools that he has advantage over nick, thats his speed and his striking. which earned him the w.

        let’s face it the world is unfair. some guys are just born stronger than the other. but what really defines a fighter is how to use his skill set to be able to overcome the odds. you mention fighting not being a point game in nature well i say fighting is not only for the strong either. fighting is originally for survival. thats why weapons are made so we don’t have to wrestle a bear.

        • dw420 says:

          Yes life is unfair…because in life there are no rules, point system or general plan of how things should go down..

          On the other hand the UFC has all of those and more…besides measures against stalling.

          I don’t care about Condits dreams, nor should you when trying to judge a fight. I love counter strikers, but what Condit did, was exploit the point system & nothing more. There where no bad intentions behind 90% of his strikes…some of which were without full extension.

          Throwing “one more for the stats” from start to finish, because impact and damage don’t count when judging the fight on who landed the most strikes, is not a strategy. Hit and run is not dealing with ones fighting skillset…finding a hole in their game and taking the fight to them is.

          Coaches know that its legal in todays UFC and try to exploit it in every possible occasion, making champions and top contenders at the expense of the sport….When something works for a top-10 fighter, others will copy it, in their attempt to reach the same status…that’s how the sport evolves, and right now, it saddens me to say, but its on its way to becoming a dance off competition while on TRT.

          I’ve been watching MMA fights since 2001, across multiple organisations (some non-existent today). What we are seeing is a trend not seen before, mainly because up until this point there was a lot of room to improve in terms of each fighters skillset and preparation.

          In todays MMA, everyone cross-trains, everyone watches their diet, everyone cuts weight, everyone does …everything. Its the time were coaches become lawyers and look for loopholes in the rulebook they can exploit. Its the time were UFC needs to step up and introduce yellow cards, talk with the State and get some judge training programme started..and in general tighten things up when it comes to how a fights flow and outcome is regulated and evaluated.

  2. War Diaz Bros ! says:

    ’nuff said.

    • Clay says:

      Diaz bros are the best in MMA

      • Mike b says:

        A lot of fighters don’t fight how they train now a days.They don’t engage cause they are afraid to lose.dont get me wrong I love a technical fight or a back and forth scramble on the ground.but I’ve seen a lot of boring ass fights this year.u win and u lose in this sport,it’s a part of the game.the fans don’t give a shit who has the belt,they like fighters that bring it whether they win or lose.with that being said….everybody loves the Diaz bros cause they bring it and they fight like how they train.dont get me wrong there are a lot of exciting fighters like stann,Diaz bros,BJ,leben,shogun,hendo,bendo,cerrone,and so on.but there are more boring fighters than exciting fighters right now.thats why I will always love the and respect the Diaz bros win or lose.

  3. Josiah Zerna says:

    beat GSP? all i can see is a wacked up face nick diaz complaining about his opponents gameplan and the judges decision. if you’re really that good of a fighter you gotta respect your opponents technique and deal with it, you can’t expect every fighter to just stand in front of you and wait to be punched…

    • learntoread says:

      Convenient explanation, but far from truth, sorry.

      All Diaz haters love to try and put his style off as “rockem sockem robots” when it’s anything but.

      What Nick (and many other fighters) have complained about are the lame/wussy game plans certain Camps create to deliberately manipulate the judging criteria in order to get a “safe” decision win. They’ve also complain about certain rules and regulations in North American MMA, most notably the lack of yellow cards (for stalling or avoiding action). These complaints about todays MMA are very valid and hold a lot of weight, regardless of what Jackson Camp fanatics attempt to spew in defense.

      • Josiah Zerna says:

        im a fan of both fighters(diaz & condit) and its sad that one of them must step up the ladder ahead of the other but its not like we just recently knew this regulations. every fight is a chessmatch you must base your actions on your opponent, it is quite clear what condit’s gameplan is at the end of the first round, diaz could have tried something else rather doing the same exact thing. what diaz did towards the end of the third round looks kind of effective against condit. if he had pulled that move out earlier on the second round he could have gotten the ‘w’. or if not he could have devised another plan to finish condit.

        • learntoread says:

          Pretty sure you’re speaking of the 5th round (it was a 5 rd title fight remember).

          Secondly, I don’t think it was in any way “clear” after the 1st rd that Condit wasn’t going to engage Diaz in a fight for the ENTIRE 5 rounds of action. Especially knowing how Condit fought basically all his previous fights.

          Diaz was the aggressor and controlled the octagon for he majority of the fight. He was basically outpointed on leg strikes, that’s basically it.

        • Josiah Zerna says:

          i agree with the pointing system that there are some holes to it and ok lets say you’re right about the fight, but the judges sees it differently. as for me, condit landed more than just leg strikes,although not that noticable because of diaz’ iron chin. i see some elbows and and short punches landing, which gives condit an advantage on the ‘striking’, and i wouldn’t also say that ‘octagon control’ will go to diaz, because basically it is condit who is controlling diaz, where to go and attacking him on a comfortable position. as for ‘grappling’ its not really displayed on the fight but diaz would’ve had the advantage on that. but thats just me. like i said i love both fighters and i would also love to see GSP & diaz on the cage.
          bottom line is condit can’t pull this shit on the champ…

        • learntoread says:

          Actually Josiah, Diaz out-landed Condit in terms of arm strikes during the fight. Carlos obviously landed far more kicks (a ridiculous amount). Diaz also had the only takedown in the fight and dominant position on the ground, so grappling goes to him (also taking into account that he was usually in control when the two were in the clinch / on the fence). Again, octagon control in a stand up fight goes to the fighter who is controlling the center of the octagon, which Nick did for the majority of the fight (with Carlos usually backing up or circling away). As well as aggression, going to the fighter who is constantly pushing forward and attempting to engage, definitely goes to Diaz. But Condit did “out point” Diaz in a few of the rounds, so who’s to say what the UFC’s (usually) ridiculous judges were ‘seeing’ and calculating. Close fight.

          What’s unfortunate is that Condit, his Camp, and their “game plan” ruined what could have been an instant classic and easily have been a candidate for Fight of the Year…simply because they were set on getting a typical Jackson Camp “safe” win. You can understand why the majority of the MMA Community and the paying ($$$) fans felt ripped off and have turned on Condit (who really is an amazing fighter when he fights “his” fight, and not one of Mike Winkeljoh’s lame/wussy “let’s just get the safe W” game plans).

          But I do agree with you, Condit will not be able to use that same game plan against GSP. Georges is going to close the distance and put him on his back, the real question is, will Condit be able to get back to his feet?

    • ..You're An Idiot says:

      If someone asks you if you’re going to beat your opponent, why would you say no? Of course he’s going to say he’s going to beat him.

      God damn you nerds are f’ing stupid. You’ll use any opportunity to unleash your chubby aggressions. If anyone is willing to accept defeat before a fight has even started, why are they fighting?

  4. chotaboy says:

    to Nate, goodluck against Ben, u should be fighting Frankie but thats beside the point. Ben is a really bad matchup for u. I wont count u out, just stick wt ur bjj and keep ur mouth shut in the ring and u might have a chance. Nick, dude u need to quit talking and perform like u use too and use ur bjj. Then u might be able to face someone like GSP.

  5. stephen riddle says:

    Both are in my top 5 favorite fighters, people will never stop hating on them.

  6. ShutUpAlready says:

    I’m so sick of Nick talking shit about GSP. The faggot had the chance to fight and didn’t show up to the conferences. He has noone to blame but himself. He MIGHT get his fight with him eventually but he’ll lose anyway.

  7. Durrr says:

    Hmm…If someone asks you if you’re going to beat your opponent, why would you say no? Of course he’s going to say he’s going to beat him.

    God damn you nerds are f’ing stupid. You’ll use any opportunity to unleash your chubby aggressions. If anyone is willing to accept defeat before a fight has even started, why are they fighting?

  8. 123 says:

    theese sites are full of idiots

  9. stephen riddle says:

    Nick would crush condit in a rematch, i really want to see diaz vs gsp, even gsp wants this fight to happen.

  10. 757 says:

    I like Nick he fights hard and so does his brother. The fact is GSP is a great fighter and has owned that division. His wrestling and improved boxing has won him allot of fights. His athleticism and karate used to be what he used, but he morphed his game. Haters can hate but he has beat allot of people including BJ twice. He will beat Condit and Nick also….people need to give up some credit and look at the fights realistically….Nick will lose against GSP

  11. Kyle says:

    Didn’t Diaz have his shot against GSP? Oh yeah, he didn’t show up to the press conferences. Diaz would be on his back that entire fight. He better work on that TDD if he wants to even stand a chance against GSP.

  12. 123 says:

    Nick Diaz is a fighter, Georges St Pierre isn’t… in my opinion the only way Nick Diaz could lose to Georges St Pierre is if he gets humped for 25 minutes, Which is a BIG possibility. Other than that Nick Diaz would win the fight 100%.

  13. sims says:

    Lame article. You just put words his his mouth and twisted it. lame.

  14. Smileygladhands says:

    Nick Diaz is my dude. Hey hey hey, smoke everyday and still bust some ass. No ped’s there. Diaz beats Condit 8 outta 10 times, no question about it. Condit and gameplan jackson got lucky and exploited the system of the commissions and fuked Nick good. Nick will be back and we will see the brothers with simultaneous titles…

  15. Hjortur Halldorsson says:

    I love watching the Diaz brothers fight. My favorite Nick fight was against Gomi in Pride. If you haven’t seen that fight you seriously need to check it out:

    Nick vs GSP is the fight we should be seeing in November. I hope we’ll see that fight in 2013.

    I can’t wait to see Nate vs Bendo, but I seriously doubt that Nate will win.

    • Pkq says:

      Love that fight! Pretty sure Diaz was smoking before the fight tho, he looked stoned as fuck during that fight. Don’t count nate out tho! I’m a huge fan but I’ve definitely been counting him out since the cerrone fight and he’s been steamrolling people since then haha

  16. BX81 says:

    BJ Penn and both the diaz brothers are my fav. fighters. I like fighters who really don’t care about the fame. When a grown man says he wants to put his hands on you, you should take it personal. I like their mentality when it comes to fighting. If you think you’re a man then you don’t need a game plan to fight just bring and the cards will lay where they may!

    • daveyB ft says:

      Interesting that you say you like their “mentality when it comes to fighting”, because their mentalities are completely different. The Diaz brothers train ALL YEAR LONG. They don’t have to get in shape because they never allow themselves to get OUT of shape. They are disciplined, committed professional athletes. BJ on the other hand is out of shape for 80% of the year, and has to struggle to give up pork, and do the bare minimum of cardio before a fight…just to get himself in half-assed shape. That’s why he’s always sucking wind after just 1 round. Please don’t compare lazy, melon head BJ to two of the most physically prepared fighters in the game.

      • BX81 says:

        I agree that both have different approaches to fitness but I’m talking about the any time any where mentality. I think Both fighters posses that type of mind frame.

  17. Drew says:

    Best welterweight in the world right here.

  18. Ryan prieur says:

    Nick has been on the bad end of a lot of calls in the UFC! I’ve followed his career for a long time and have seen him win fights off his back yet loose a dec. I do believe they need to educate the judges on all aspects of MMA to avoid some of these robberies! Hope to see him fight again soon, he’s a true warior! Good luck on your tittle fight Nate, it’s goin to be a war, really exited to see that one, could e any ones fight.

  19. makaveli says:

    I can’t wait 2 see nate vs benson, I like both these fighters so I just wanna see them scrap! Nick is also a great fighter that brings it every time he fights. If condit would have fought that would have been a great fight but jackson’s camp is giving fighters a bitch ass game plan lately. Hit and run away! I’d like 2 see diaz vs gsp but when gsp was hungry for the belt, now that he has it he plays it safe. I’d rather see a fighter go in and fight, then run away or lay and pray! Seems like all of jackson’s fighters are losing there fans due 2 shitty game plans that they come up with. That’s why I love 2 see the diaz bros. Fight, they bring it every time they step into the cage! I even think gsp vs condit is gonna be lame cause they are both going 2 be playing it safe

  20. maurice says:

    Look diaz is great. My top 3 ww list r condit, kampmann and diaz. Gsp wont win against any of those well rounded warriors. No way u can stall them out for 25 mins on the ground.

    Back to diaz. He lost the last 3 rounds of the condit fight. By the start of round 4 condit was landing big punches and kicks…and diaz wasnt responding.

    Condit backed diaz up a lot of times with slick punches and crazy muay thai strikes. Ppl give diaz round 5 because his back mount. Well before that desperate ground attack, diaz was gettin his ass kicked for 3 mins straight that round.

    Also those strikes condit hit diaz with finished almost anyone else. Diaz was forced to use his full mma skills to TRY and keep up with condit. Diaz might wanna learn from that figjt and continue training his muay thai.

  21. Rob says:


  22. Nick Diaz would beat GSP… Look at what he did to BJ Penn… Made him not want to fight again after the fight was over…And BJ Penn is a GREAT fighter.. Condit danced and avoided Diaz when they fought and even said that he planned it that way otherwise he would not have won the fight… And honestly I did not have him as the winner. GSP is a very good and well rounded mixed martial artist and I’m not taking anything from him, I think that he can easily beat most contenders in his weight class but Nick Diaz is an underrated fighter and would take GSP to the woodshed hands down. If the fight ever happens you will see.

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