Coach wants to see Nick Diaz return against Conor McGregor but uncertain if the Stockton native would take it: “He looks at that as Nate’s fight”

By Cole Shelton - August 8, 2022

Cesar Gracie is hoping Nick Diaz will fight Conor McGregor in his return.

Nick Diaz, Conor McGregor

Diaz made his long-awaited and highly-anticipated return to the UFC back last September and suffered a TKO loss to Robbie Lawler. However, Gracie has since said Diaz is looking to return in the early parts of 2023 and now he hopes Diaz faces McGregor.

Although Gracie wants to see Nick Diaz get the big payday of fighting Conor McGregor, he’s uncertain if the Stockton native would take it.

“Me and my personal point of view on that is that is the fight I want to see,” Gracie said to Submission Radio about Nick Diaz vs. McGregor. “I would love to see Nick and McGregor fight, 100 percent because I think it would be insane. It would be great, I think they both have respect for each other, their skills and everything, I think it would be an amazing fight, I do. But, Nick is such a loyal guy to his brother, Nate, that he looks at that as Nate’s fight and he does not want to step on his toes. Now, if Nate turned to him and said I’m never going to fight that guy, type of thing then Nick would definitely do it.”

On paper, a fight between Nick Diaz and Conor McGregor would be a massive pay-per-view success and a massive fight. Both men are big names and the UFC can promote it as the older brother trying to avenge his younger brother given McGregor beat Nate Diaz the last time they fought.

As of right now, it’s uncertain when either McGregor or Diaz will fight again. The Irishman is currently rehabbing his leg while also taking an acting role in a movie. As with Diaz, it’s uncertain if he will fight again despite Gracie saying he will.

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