Pro fighters name the all-time MMA GOAT

By Cole Shelton - April 11, 2020

One of the biggest questions in all of MMA is who is the GOAT? Is it someone who had the biggest impact on the sport or the person who won the most? It’s an interesting debate for fighters and fans alike to have at any time.

Georges St-Pierre, Jon Jones

So, with far less MMA on the calendar than normal, reached out to several current and former fighters to ask who the MMA GOAT is. To no surprise, the common names that came up where Jon Jones and Georges St-Pierre

Fighters Decide The MMA GOAT

Artem Lobov, former UFC featherweight: That’s an easy one and it is Fedor Emelianenko. There are many reasons. He has the most impressive run, he destroyed everyone, although he never fought in the UFC, he fought in Pride which was bigger than the UFC. Also, in his career, he has defeated five UFC champions. He’s also the only guy ever that was able to grapple against the best grapplers, out wrestle the best wrestlers and strike with the best strikers. When he fought Cro Cop, and Fedor outstruck him and beat him at his own game. He was durable as well, he could take a shot and keep ongoing. Fedor is the pound-for-pound GOAT of MMA, there is no one even close to him.

Brad Pickett, former UFC bantamweight: The all-time GOAT of MMA, obviously you don’t just go by records and that sort of stuff, so for me, it is about who they beat as well. For me, it is Jon Jones for how dominant he has been for so long. His only loss was a DQ so it has to be Jon Jones by facts and it is hard to argue that.

Jake Shields, former UFC welterweight: I mean that’s a hard thing to do because the GOAT is not defined. But, if I was forced to pick, I have to say Georges St-Pierre.

Randy Costa, UFC bantamweight: I’m going to have to go with GSP. He is a great fighter, mixes things up well and ended his career on top. May not have been the most exciting fighter but he was pretty much unbeatable. Also, there was never any sort of bad press or failed drug testing with him. That’s who is the all-time GOAT.

Aung La N Sang, ONE middleweight & light heavyweight champion: The GOAT of MMA would be Vitor Belfort in my opinion. To compete at UFC 12 in 1997 and still competing in 2020 is mind-blowing. He’s a walking history book of MMA.

Lyman Good, UFC welterweight: I have to go with GSP and Jones as the MMA GOATS even though Jones keeps getting in his own way, he has to be considered the GOAT with GSP.

Ian Heinisch, UFC middleweight: Fedor is the all-time GOAT of MMA just based on his all-around skills and his dominance.

James Krause, UFC welterweight: I hate to say it but Jon Jones. He has never been beaten, he has beaten all the best, he has a long tenure of dominance. I’m not a fan of his but it’s hard to deny his reign.

Cody Stamann, UFC bantamweight: I’d say GSP. A lot of more current fighters could maybe get that title like Jon Jones for example. But, steroids takes you out of the conversation. GSP was always a positive influence on MMA and was beating the best guys in the world had to offer at the time.

Beneil Dariush, UFC lightweight: I don’t believe in GOATS but currently the best people to compete in MMA have been GSP and Mighty Mouse.

Yorgan de Castro, UFC heavyweight: Jon Jones no doubt about it. He dominated three generations of fighters from Rashad Evans, Rampage Jackson to his generation of Daniel Cormier and Alexander Gustafsson to now beating the new generation of Dominick Reyes and Thiago Santos. So Jon Jones for sure.

Sam Alvey, UFC light heavyweight: My GOAT pick has to be GSP. He’s got one of the strongest lists of who he’s beaten. Then he retired for five years decided he wants to come back up a weight class and wins another belt. All while never being on PEDs. He’s not just a GOAT, he’s the MMA GOAT.

Maurice Greene, UFC heavyweight: Jon Jones for sure. Even with all his legal troubles nobody has ever legitimately beaten him. He’s the youngest champion in UFC history and dominated two generations of fighters. He’s the obvious answer and Conor McGregor isn’t even in the conversation.

Steven Peterson, UFC featherweight: GSP is the all-time GOAT. He was the most dominant welterweight of all-time. He retired as champion then came back a few years later up a weight class and beat Bisping to win the middleweight belt. That’s why GSP is the all-time GOAT.

Jeremy Kennedy, PFL featherweight: I’ll go with GSP, he’s had the best career ever. Both of his losses were avenged decisively and overall dominated his opponents. He always beat guys 50-45 when it went the distance.

Consensus MMA GOAT: Georges St-Pierre

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