Jorge Masvidal rejects potential fight with KSI: “That’s the dude throwing elbows in boxing!”

By Josh Evanoff - July 5, 2023

Former UFC welterweight title challenger Jorge Masvidal has no interest in facing KSI, and he believes it’s mutual.

Jorge Masvidal and KSI

‘Gamebred’ retired in April, having suffered four losses in a row inside the octagon. Following his loss to Gilbert Burns in Miami, the former title challenger announced his retirement. However, Jorge Masvidal has routinely teased that he could return to fighting, but in the boxing ring instead.

Luckily, there’s been a high-profile opening as KSI’s fight with Tommy Fury seems in danger. In May, after scoring a knockout win over Joe Fournier that was later overturned, the YouTuber faced off with ‘TNT’. While that was supposed to be a teaser for a fight later this year, both men have since revealed that it likely won’t happen due to contractual issues.

However, don’t expect Jorge Masvidal to be running to a KSI fight anytime soon. During a recent edition of The MMA Hour alongside Ariel Helwani, the former UFC contender discussed the potential fight. There, Jorge Masvidal added that there’s no way the YouTuber would accept the fight, although he did mock his latest fight with Joe Fournier.


Jorge Masvidal, Gilbert Burns

“I’ll be honest with you, I don’t think that dude would ever take the fight,” Jorge Masvidal stated on The MMA Hour when asked about a fight with KSI. “Are you kidding me? Hell no bro, are you kidding me?… That dude’s not trying to die on TV, he’s not. He’s fighting other dudes and he’s barely surviving, you think he’s going to get in there with me?”

He continued, “What does this guy do for a living? Like I said, [with] the fights that I want, this guy’s been here for two, three, four, or five years, come over [to MMA], please. Wait, that’s the dude throwing elbows in boxing right? That dude’s wilding out but that guy doesn’t want to die. He would hit me with that elbow, and I’d just wink at him, like you’re dead.”

What do you make of these comments? Would you watch Jorge Masvidal vs. KSI?