Michael Chandler details what went through his head after Conor McGregor shoved him on TUF

By Cole Shelton - July 5, 2023

Michael Chandler has revealed what went through his head when Conor McGregor shoved him in the face on TUF 31.

Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler

Chandler and McGregor served as coaches on the latest season of The Ultimate Fighter and are slated to fight one another after the show concludes. With the two set to fight, the tensions are running high – especially after Lee Hammond, one of McGregor’s teammates lost on the show. Following Lee’s loss, Conor McGregor was visibly angry and upset and began chirping Michael Chandler.

After McGregor said some words to Chandler, the two went face-to-face and the Irishman ended up shoving ‘Iron’. After the shove, Conor McGregor proceeded to take off his jacket and, in that moment, Michael Chandler wondered if they were going to throw down.

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“Well, hey, let’s just look at it, it went from zero to a hundred very quickly. To be honest with you, I didn’t expect it. Obviously, we’re ready to protect ourselves at all times,” Michael Chandler said about Conor McGregor’s shove on After TUF. “The first thing was, holy cow, okay, he just put his hands on me. What’s about to happen? Is he in my space? But obviously, he backed up. I obviously got pushed back, and we both kind of started walking towards the center of the cage.

“He starts taking off his coat, and I’m like, okay, what, we’re going to fight right here? Obviously, you never quite know what’s going to happen,” Chandler continued about the shove. “We’re on a reality show, but it’s also two dudes who want to fight each other. So I was ready for anything, and obviously, I was ready to fight right there if we had to, but let’s be honest, we’re on a reality show.”

Although Michael Chandler thought the two were going to fight, Dana White ran into the Octagon and they were quickly separated.

However, there is no question this only adds to the hype of a potential Chandler-McGregor fight, if the bout ends up happening.

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