Roy Jones Jr. says after Mike Tyson fight, Anderson Silva can “get it”

By Cole Shelton - July 28, 2020

Roy Jones Jr. is still interested in having a boxing match against Anderson Silva.

Roy Jones Jr, Vitor Belfort

On September 12, Jones Jr. will be making his return to boxing against another legend in Mike Tyson. It immediately piqued the interest of combat sports fans and many wondered if it will be a one-off for both men.

Yet, for Jones Jr., he says he is still interested in having a boxing match against Silva after there was talk of it happening for years.

“People have been talking about Roy Jones Jr. vs. Anderson Silva in a boxing match for years, even before the McGregor-Mayweather fight happened. We were supposed to happen first. And, unlike that fight, Anderson has professional boxing experience. McGregor didn’t. So, this is much more of a competitive fight, especially with us being older. Now, because he has experience it is much easier for him to survive,” Roy Jones Jr. said to MMAFighting. “He doesn’t have to deal with the young tiger Roy Jones. He gets to deal with the older Roy Jones where he may have a chance to deal with because I’m much older than what I once was. But, that still is a big event and it would’ve been a big event if it happened back then. As Mike shows you now, never say never, the opportunity may come now.”

Jones Jr. believes a boxing match against Anderson Silva would be massive. So, if he gets out of the Tyson fight healthy and wanting to compete again, he would entertain the idea of competing against Silva.

“He is a great friend of mine, he’s a good person. Doesn’t speak good English but he always wanted to make a fight with me, they just never allowed him the opportunity to do it, or they never had the right time to do it,” he said. “We both gave our words that if we ever got the opportunity, we would. If the opportunity comes along, I’m sure that maybe one of the other fights I entertain. I did give him my word that if the opportunity came, I would. So if I’m healthy and cool after this fight, he could get it.”

For now, Roy Jones Jr. is focused on his upcoming bout against Mike Tyson.

Would you be interested in seeing Roy Jones Jr. vs. Anderson Silva?

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