VIDEO | Anderson Silva Says He Would Be Stupid to Take Steroids, Still Plans to Fight and Wants Roy Jones Jr.

By Drake Riggs - February 20, 2018

Anderson Silva

“I’m just waiting for USADA and my lawyers and hopefully it will come back soon for fight with Roy Jones [Jr.] *laughs*. 

I don’t know, I’m just waiting for the commission, for the doctors because the guys go check everything. Maybe the supplements I’m using are contaminated, I don’t know. I’m just waiting. Because obviously if I take these steroids, I’m stupid. Because I’m too old. I’m not at the start of my career. I’m finished. I’m waiting. Of course not [I didn’t take them]. I love to fight, this is my heart. This is my life. I’m just waiting, i’m very excited to fight. Of course not [I wouldn’t retire if banned for four years]. No, come on. Of course not!

Of course, I go fight for Roy Jones, I’m waiting for Mr. Roy. Because Mr. Roy is a great man, that’s my dream. Hopefully this fight comes.

A lot of people talk about that [my legacy being tarnished], it’s difficult. It’s easier for doctors to talk about that because sometimes athletes use the different supplements. Because with the rules…it’s not easy, it’s changing all the time. [People might not even know they’re using], yes.”

The man that many have long considered the greatest fighter to ever live hasn’t had the most recent years be too kind to him. Since Anderson Silva was last our reigning, unbeatable UFC middleweight champion, he has gone 1-3 with two failed drug tests along the way. His most recent obviously being the one he discussed in the video.

The forty-two-year-old, Silva surprisingly is still all about wanting to fight. How likely it actually is that he will is still to be determined because as mentioned, a four-year suspension could be likely for “the Spider” with a maximum of up to eight.

Silva was supposed to fight Kelvin Gastelum in Shanghai, China for UFC Fight Night 122 back in November but was removed from the bout after the news broke. He now hasn’t fought since last February when he earned a very questionable decision over Derek Brunson at UFC 208.


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Anderson Silva