Floyd Mayweather reveals plan to box ‘The Notorious’ again: “Me and Conor McGregor in 2023”

By Ryan Harkness - September 21, 2022

Rumors have been circulating since mid-summer about a Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor rematch in boxing, and now ‘Money’ himself has come out and publicly called for the fight in 2023.

Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor

Mayweather is set to fight popular social media celebrity and MMA fighter Mikuru Asakura in Japan at Super RIZIN on September 25th. It’s not a serious or competitive bout, but the money is extremely good. According to Floyd, he’ll pocket $20 million for the nine minute boxing match … which could end quickly if Mayweather decides not to play with his food.

In an interview with The Daily Mail, Mayweather talked about the Asakura fight and his future plans.

“I want to go out there this weekend and have fun,” Mayweather said. “Then I have another exhibition Dubai in November and me and Conor McGregor in 2023.”

The boxing G.O.A.T. contender confirmed that discussions were already happening between Team Mayweather and Team McGregor.

“We don’t know if it’s going to be an exhibition or a real fight,” he said. “But there’s been talks of both. I would prefer an exhibition.”

Mayweather’s main issue with ‘real’ fights are that they’d mess up his record, which sits at a very nice and round 50 wins and 0 defeats. After officially retiring from professional competition, ‘Money’ went and filed a number of trademark claims around ’50-0.’ And why would he mess that up competing against someone he considers a non-threat?

“I am not into fights where I am going to take any real punishment,” Mayweather said. “So, guys like Conor McGregor and guys that don’t really hit hard such as YouTubers or UFC guys, I don’t really mind colliding with those kinds of individuals but nothing where I am going to put myself in a position where I am going to harm myself or hurt myself.”

Reports of a Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor boxing rematch started flowing again in June 2022 with word that Mayweather had offered McGregor a nine-figure sum to fight again. McGregor posted (and then deleted) a picture on Instagram of their first fight with the caption “I accept,” adding further fuel to the speculation.

Dana White was quick to pour water on the idea of a second McGregor vs. Mayweather fight.

“All bulls***,” White said when asked if there was any truth to the rematch rumors. “Those guys are just talking on social media like they do. The Daily Mirror or whatever the hell that tabloid is called is full of s***.”

White had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the negotiation table when McGregor and Mayweather decided to fight each other for the first time. This time, McGregor may be looking to go at it alone for the rematch. ‘The Notorious’ currently has just two fights left on his UFC contract. He can either fight out his deal and leave the UFC, which would allow him to keep all the money made in a second fight. Or he could use his impending free agency to force the UFC to allow the rematch.

Either way, it’s hard to see Conor McGregor turning down an opportunity to make $100+ million off one fight. While the fight may not make much sense from a sporting perspective, there’s more than enough money and ego to turn this questionable bout into reality next year.

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