Michael Bisping says Jorge Masvidal isn’t scared to fight Leon Edwards

By Fernando Quiles - July 27, 2019

Michael Bisping doesn’t believe Jorge Masvidal is ducking Leon Edwards in fear.

Jorge Masvidal, Colby Covington

The consensus on a potential welterweight clash between Masvidal and Edwards appears to be split. One side believes that the bout makes sense as the two were involved in a backstage incident back in March that saw Masvidal lay hands on Edwards, causing a cut under his eye. The other side believes that Masvidal’s stock has soared beyond the grudge match and he should be fighting for the 170-pound gold next.

Leon Edwards is convinced that Jorge Masvidal keeps making excuses not to fight him. Taking to his Believe You Me podcast, Michael Bisping said he doesn’t feel Masvidal is running from Edwards.

“Yeah so the thing is, of course Masvidal is not scared. Which is weird to think we were talking about him, well I was talking about him with such venom and now it seems that we’re all f*cking hunky-dory and in love. But it’s true. Masvidal is not the type of guy that’s scared of a fight much like I wasn’t. A real fighter or guys that fight properly because it’s just who they are, their DNA, they’re not scared of a fight. But now he’s in a position to where he’s got a chance to make some real money.”

Michael Bisping continued:

“Leon’s calling him a journeyman, I wouldn’t say that either. But he’s been one of those guys, a midcard-level fighter, very very good fighter, tough guy but kind of a midcarder. And he hasn’t made, I don’t know, but he probably hasn’t made crazy money in his career. He’s probably made a good living, but he hasn’t been a part of those big big paydays.”

With his popularity seemingly at an all-time high, Bisping said that Masvidal has more options now than ever before. After all, Jorge Masvidal is coming off a record-setting knockout win over Ben Askren. Bisping understands why Masvidal isn’t clamoring for a bout with Edwards.

“Now because of his last two wins and of course cause of his personality and he’s very marketable and all the rest of it and two f*cking massive knockouts, he’s in a position now where he could possibly: A) either fight for a title, which is huge. Which he’s never done before. So he could fight for the title, get pay-per-view points or possibly be the champion. Or he’s also making the play for a McGregor fight, which it’d probably be a massive payday as well. Or you say, ‘fuck it I’ll take on anyone,’ and fight Leon Edwards. Which I’m not saying that’s a bad thing for him to fight Leon Edwards, but I’m just saying from his perspective and being somewhat denied those massive paydays throughout his career, you could understand why he’s not jumping off a cliff to fight Leon Edwards.”

Do you think Jorge Masvidal holds off for a massive payday, or does he take the grudge match with Leon Edwards?

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