Michael Bisping respects Tyron Woodley for ‘ballsy’ move accepting Colby Covington fight

By Fernando Quiles - June 8, 2020

Michael Bisping has a ton of praise for Tyron Woodley for throwing himself back into the fire despite a two-fight skid.

Michael Bisping, Super Bowl

Woodley had his first bout since March 2019 when he collided with Gilbert Burns in the main event of UFC on ESPN 9. The former UFC welterweight champion was looking to rebound after losing the 170-pound gold. Woodley was outgunned for five rounds and dropped his second straight bout via unanimous decision.

“The Chosen One” wasted little time in trying to rebound as he accepted a bout with Colby Covington shortly after the loss to Burns. Taking to his Believe You Me podcast, Bisping expressed admiration for Woodley’s willingness to return against elite competition.


“Number one, very, very ballsy of him to take another fight so quickly,” Michael Bisping said. “But B, it’s the best thing for him. And C, that’s a f*cking huge fight, Covington and Woodley. And a dangerous fight, that isn’t no walk in the park. I mean come on, I’m just saying I respect Woodley a lot for doing this. He lost his belt in a one-sided affair, he lost his comeback fight in a one-sided affair. And now he runs the risk of losing three fights in a row because Covington is a very, very good fighter, fights at an incredibly high pace.”

Bisping then said that Covington’s loss to UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman isn’t an indication that his time in the spotlight is winding down.

“Yes he got knocked out against Usman in his last fight and his jaw got broken.” Michael Bisping continued. “That doesn’t mean he can’t take a punch, that doesn’t mean he’s a walk in the park, that doesn’t mean he’s damaged goods. So I gotta say, Woodley, he has my respect for this.”

What do you make of Tyron Woodley accepting a bout with Colby Covington immediately after losing to Gilbert Burns?

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