Brian Ortega explains why he cut his hair and why he will grow it back

By Adam Martin - October 18, 2020

UFC featherweight contender Brian Ortega explained why he cut his hair before fighting The Korean Zombie and why he will grow it back.

Brian Ortega

Ortega surprised fans and media when he stepped onto the scale Friday without any hair. Ortega is known for his luscious locks so seeing him shaved down to the bone was very surprising. Of course, Ortega’s lack of hair didn’t hurt him in the fight. Despite missing nearly two years of action with injuries, Ortega put on one of his best performances inside the Octagon yet as he defeated The Korean Zombie by decision.

Speaking to reporters following UFC Fight Island 6, Ortega explained why he cut his hair and why he will be growing it back.

“I’m growing my hair back. My hair is growing back. I can’t stay bald, brother,” Ortega said, adding that a tough weight cut also led to him cutting his hair (via

“We’re cutting weight and I’ve been waiting to cut my hair for a while – not completely bald, but at least trim a little bit and go back to the slick-back Brian or something. I now understand why some of these girls cut their hair off, man. After every round, I have to re-bundle it and put it up and this and that, and showering, and that and – it’s just a frickin’ hassle.

“I do miss my looks with it, I’m not going to lie. My looks, I miss them. But I was cutting weight and I was like, ‘Bro, I feel like (expletive) and there’s some people that are going through some things right now.’ I’ve visited countless children hospitals and met a lot of kids who are sick with cancer right now. The stories that I saw will always stay with me. Walking in rooms playing tough, making them smile, and then walking out and crying your tears out because you know these stories.”

Do you prefer Brian Ortega with or without hair?