Anthony Smith: Max Rohskopf “isn’t a quitter”

Anthony Smith

UFC light heavyweight contender Anthony Smith believes that lightweight Max Rohskopf “isn’t a quitter” after retiring on the stool against Austin Hubbard.

Taking to Twitter after interviewing Rohskopf on SXM Fight Nation Radio, Smith — who the word quitter can never be attributed to after seeing the beating he took against Glover Teixeira at UFC Jacksonville in May — said he believes Rohskopf isn’t a quitter.

One of the realest interviews I’ve ever done with someone. Say what you want, the man i talked to today isn’t a quitter. He learned a valuable lesson the hard way and in front of the world. He has character traits that will take him far. Head up, kid. You’re gonna be just fine.

In one of the most controversial stoppages of the year, Rohskopf called his own fight off between the second and third rounds at this past weekend’s UFC on ESPN 11 card. After a close first round that saw Rohskopf have some success with his wrestling, the second round was a different story as the youngster — who took the fight on five days’ notice — started to gas out and then get teed off on for a 10-8 round by Hubbard. Rather than go out for the third round, Rohskopf told his cornerman Robert Drysdale to call off the bout.

Although Drysdale tried his best to convince his fighter to return for the third and final round, Rohskopf stuck to his guns and the fight was soon called off due to TKO (retirement). To put in retirement how rare a fighter retiring is in the UFC, the last time it happened was in July 2014 at UFC Fight Night 45, when Jerrod Sanders retired on the stool against Yosdenis Cedeno. The controversy surrounding the Rohskopf stoppage has led to fierce debates from fans, media, and fellow fighters on social media the last few days.

It has been interesting to hear Smith chime in on the Rohskopf stoppage the last few days after what happened with his fight against Teixeira, where Smith’s corner refused to step in and stop the fight despite Smith getting his teeth literally smashed out of his face. Smith has been critical of Drysdale for not stopping the fight despite Rohskopf telling him multiple times to do so. Then again, considering how controversial the Smith vs. Teixeira stoppage was, it’s interesting that Smith would chime in at all on this.

Do you agree with Anthony Smith that Max Rohskopf isn’t a quitter?

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