Tyson Fury goes scorched earth on UFC commentator Joe Rogan: “Little bald-headed midget”

By Fernando Quiles - May 18, 2023

Boxing heavyweight champion Tyson Fury is none too pleased with UFC color commentator Joe Rogan’s recent comments.

Tyson Fury Joe Rogan

Rogan recently told comedian Andrew Schultz that if Fury and UFC Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones were fighting in a room, there’s no way “The Gypsy King” would stand a chance of making it out of that room. Rogan said Fury’s only realistic opportunity would be to catch Jones with one punch, and he doesn’t believe that would happen.

Tyson Fury Blasts Joe Rogan

Fury caught wind of Rogan’s opinion and he went off in a video posted on his Instagram Stories:

“I’m the baddest man on the planet,” Fury said. “I heard Joe Rogan say something about me, and I’ve been off all social media, so I didn’t reply that little p**sy. Little f***ing bald-headed midget. I heard him say that Jon Jones could f**k me up if we were in a room together. I don’t think so. Not a man born from a mother could f**k me up in a room on our own. Whatever happens in that room I’ll be walking out. No f***ing problem.”


Fury’s next move has been a bit of a mystery to fight fans. His last bout was against Derek Chisora, a bout “The Gypsy King” won easily via 10th-round TKO. Many slammed the booking of the fight, and Fury became quite hostile whenever asked about the legitimacy of the matchup.

Some boxing fans have even accused Tyson Fury of ducking Oleksandr Usyk. Fury has given Usyk numerous ultimatums, all of which the Ukrainian heavyweight has agreed to publicly. Some say that Fury’s bluff has been called on several occasions, but “The Gypsy King” insists that Usyk is the one who is fumbling the bag. It’s led fight fans to criticize Fury for pulling the same old boxing politics card. Time will tell what Fury’s next boxing match will be.

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