UFC Argentina Results: Ricardo Lamas defeats Darren Elkins (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - November 17, 2018

The co-main event of UFC Argentina featured a featherweight battle between perennial division contenders Ricardo Lamas and Darren Elkins.

Ricardo Lamas enters tonight’s contest looking to rebound, this after dropping back-to-back fights to Mirsad Bektic and Josh Emmett respectively. Prior to that, “The Bully” had scored stoppage wins over Jason Knight and Charles Oliveira.

As for Darren Elkins, “The Damage” will enter the UFC Argentina co-main event sporting a 6-1 record over his past seven fights.

Round one of the UFC Argentina co-headliner begins and Elkins land a low blow to start. Lamas shrugs it off and moves forward. He shoots in and scores an early takedown. Darren Elkins scrambles and gets back up to his feet. He pushes Lamas against the cage and lands a knee. He drops down for a takedown attempt and then opts to throw some punches. Good shots from Elkins. Lamas breaks free and circles off the cage. Ricardo Lamas takes the center of the octagon. He throws a spinning wheel kick which is blocked by Darren. Elkins presses forward now he pushes Lamas against the cage. Elkins with a knee and then an elbow. More knees from “The Damage”. Lamas reverses the position in hopes of changing the tide in this UFC Argentina co-headliner. Elkins gets off the cage and circles out. Ricardo Lamas with a high kick which is blocked. He fires off a low kick and then a jab. Elkins circles and then meets Lamas in the center of the cage. Both men fire off combinations. Lamas lands a right hand over the top. Elkins responds with a body kick. Both men connect with jabs. Lamas lands a side kick to the body. Elkins shoots in and lands a takedown. He immediately begins working to take the back of Lamas. Ricardo scrambles and gets back up to his feet. Darren slams him right back down to the canvas. The horn sounds to end round one.

Round two of the UFC Argentina co-main event begins and Lamas comes forward with a jab. Elkins lands a jab but eats a low kick. Both men seem happy to trade early on in round two. Lamas with a nice jab up the middle. He lands a follow up low kick. Elkins throws a right hand but Lamas changes levels and scores a takedown. He looks to pass to side control, but Elkins sweeps and gets back up to his feet. Ricardo Lamas with a head kick now. Elkins eats it and charges forward with a jab to the body. Lamas circles but Elkins catches him with a combination. Ricardo circles and lands a heavy low kick. Lamas with a head kick but Elkins catches it and scores a takedown. Lamas attempts to scramble and is able to reverse the position. Ricardo with some big shots now. Elkins rolls for a heel hook. Lamas escapes and we are back to the stand up. Two minutes remain in round two of the UFC Argentina co-main event. Elkins lands a low kick. Lamas responds with a brutal low kick of his own. He lands another and Elkins is hurt. Lamas sees his opponent is wounded and charges in for the finish. Elkins avoids any serious damage and circles off the fence. He lands a left hook as Lamas is coming in. Lamas side steps and throws a spinning back kick. Darren Elkins shoots in and pushes Ricardo against the cage. He lands some knees and uppercuts from the position. Lamas breaks free and lands a high kick. He follows that up with a jab to the body. Round two comes to an end.

Round three begins of the UFC Argentina co-main event begins and Darren Elkins charges forward with a flurry. Lamas with a low kick and Elkins immediately stops in his tracks. Ricardo would be smart to fire off some more of those. Elkins lands a left hook. Lamas goes back to the leg kicks and then shoots in for a takedown. Elkins stuffs the shot and circles out. He paws with his jab while Lamas does the same. Elkins with a right hand over the top. He presses Lamas against the cage. Ricardo switches the position and lands a knee. The fighters break and Elkins come forward with a flurry of punches. Lamas clinches up and lands a knee. He shoots for a takedown but it is not there. Lamas with a nice left hand. Darren Elkins is busted up. Still, he pushes Lamas back up against the cage. Lamas reverses the position and then opts to break away. Elkins leaps in with a combination. He misses with a body kick attempt. Ricardo Lamas shoots in and scores a takedown. He moves to side control and lands a big elbow. That was nasty. He postures up and lands a left hand. Elkins is a bloody mess now. Ricardo Lamas with another good shot from the top. Just over one minute remains in the UFC Argentina co-main event. Lamas with some big punches now. Elkins attempts to scramble but continues to eat hammer fists. The referee has seen enough and steps in to call a stop to the action.

Official UFC Argentina Result: Ricardo Lamas def. Darren Elkins via TKO (strikes) at 4:09 of Round 3

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