UFC Argentina Results: Ian Heinisch defeats Cezar Ferreira (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - November 17, 2018

A middleweight bout between Cezar Ferreira and Ian Heinisch took place on tonight’s UFC Argentina main card.

UFC Argentina

The fight was a back and forth affair. Ferreira was able to get Heinisch to the ground in round one but had to fight off numerous submission attempts from the UFC newcomer.

In round two neither fighter was really able to get off any real significant strikes through the first four minutes of action. However, late in the round Heinisch was able to drop the Brazilian with a right hand over the top. Ian would charge in to unleash some ground and pound but was ultimately stopped by the referee when the horn sounded.

Cezar Ferreira as able to score a takedown early in round three, but Heinisch quickly scrambled back up to his feet. Ian would reverse the clinch position and force Ferreira against the fence. After an elbow from Heinisch the fighters separated and circled back to the center of the octagon. Ferreira would shoot in and press Heinisch against the cage. He would force Ian to the ground but once again Ferreira would fail to maintain top position. Once back on his feet, Heinisch would charge forward with a flurry followed by a takedown. Cezar would scramble back to his feet but ate some strikes for his efforts. Ferreira would once again look to a body lock in hopes of securing a takedown. Unfortunately for the Brazilian, his efforts were denied and Heinisch broke free. Ian would eventually shoot in for a takedown attempt of his own but Ferreira denied the shot. Heinisch would end the fight throwing a flurry of punches as the crowd cheered on in appreciation.

Official UFC Argentina Result: Ian Heinisch defeats Cezar Ferreira via unanimous decision