UFC veteran Matt Brown weighs in on the newly announces PFL-Bellator merger: “They’re a distant No. 2, that’s what it is”

By Harry Kettle - November 22, 2023

UFC veteran Matt Brown has given his thoughts on PFL purchasing Bellator and how they now compare with the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Donn Davis and Dana White

Earlier this week, it was confirmed that the Professional Fighters League had acquired Bellator MMA. The two will now operate under the same roof, with PFL vs Bellator events also expected to take place at some point next year.


Plenty of fighters and pundits have had their say on this move, and that includes Matt Brown. As many MMA fans know, Brown has been around for quite some time now as one of the most noteworthy veterans in the sport. He’s fought against the best of the best, and he’s largely done so under the UFC umbrella.

During a recent interview with MMA Fighting, Brown made the following comments on PFL, Donn Davis, and their position in the MMA world.

Brown’s view on PFL-Bellator merger

“He’s trying to get Dana to react, I’m guessing,” UFC welterweight Matt Brown said of Davis’ comments on the latest episode of The Fighter vs. The Writer.

“To get more clicks or views or more eyes on it. Dana probably won’t even react. It is completely irrelevant.

“If I go to Walmart and someone recognizes me, and their brother asks who I am or their sister asks who I am, they’ll say, ‘He’s an Ultimate Fighter.’ They don’t say he’s an MMA fighter. He’s an ‘Ultimate Fighter.’ It’s like a Kleenex or a Q-Tip. That’s just what it is. UFC owns the sport.”

“It’s not co-leader,” Brown said. “It’s No. 1 and a distant second place. That’s what it is. UFC is synonymous with cage fighting. Period.”

“They’re never going to be the co-leader,” he said. “They’re a distant No. 2, that’s what it is. But having some different matchups, a little different format [is good for the sport].”

Quotes via MMA Fighting

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