Joe Rogan empathizes with Jamahal Hill’s complaint about refereeing in UFC 300 loss: “He’s got a point”

By Josh Evanoff - April 26, 2024

UFC commentator Joe Rogan empathizes with Jamahal Hill’s issue with his loss to Alex Pereira.

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‘Sweet Dreams’ returned to the cage at UFC 300 earlier this month against ‘Poatan’. The fight was Jamahal Hill’s first in a year and a half, previously tearing his achilles tendon last summer. Unfortunately for the former champion, he suffered a brutal first-round knockout loss to Alex Pereira in his bid to reclaim the gold.

Following the bout, Jamahal Hill opened up on one issue he had with the contest. Speaking on his YouTube channel, the former champion took issue with the fact that referee Herb Dean didn’t separate Alex Pereira and himself after an errant low blow. According to Hill, the lack of a break in the action led to him being caught off-guard with a left hook.

Many fans online laughed off the comments. However, UFC commentator Joe Rogan understands where he’s coming from. Speaking on his podcast alongside Max Holloway, the color commentator discussed Jamahal Hill’s comments. While Rogan understands that there’s two sides to the discussion, he gets where the former champion is coming from.


Joe Rogan discusses Jamahal Hill’s comments following his UFC 300 defeat

“Let’s make the argument, and see what happens.” Joe Rogan stated on a recent edition of his podcast, rewatching Jamahal Hill’s loss to Alex Pereira at UFC 300. “Watch Jamahal, see [after the groin strike] his legs lock up, and he relaxes. He gives a thumbs up ‘We cool’, and he touches Herb so now they’re back at it. Pereira has never relaxed. The fight had restarted, but would that position have taken place had it not been for Jamahal relaxing and giving him the thumbs up?”

He continued, “…There is a weird millisecond where nobody knows what’s going on.  [But] Pereira is still moving forward. When Jamahal lands the kick, and look at the distance [Pereira] closes. He closed the distance… They pause, Jamahal gives him the thumbs up, but Pereira’s closed the gap now. He’s closed the gap a lot more than Jamahal would’ve let him. It’s a mistake by Jamahal, protect yourself at all times. But also, it does seem like there’s a moment of confusion.”

“…Once he does that little hop in, he takes the moment to close the gap. So he doesn’t stop when Herb stops him, he closes the gap.” Joe Rogan concludes. “…This is a real moment, and I’m not making any excuses for Jamahal. Jamahal can take a loss as good as anybody… But he’s got a point here. [But] it’s not a perfect point, because they had engaged again.”

What do you make of these comments from Joe Rogan? Do you agree with the UFC commentator’s comments about Jamahal Hill?

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