Justin Gaethje has no regrets over trading with Max Holloway in final seconds of UFC 300 bout: “There was no other option”

By Josh Evanoff - April 23, 2024

Justin Gaethje wasn’t going to say no to trading with Max Holloway in the final seconds of their UFC 300 fight.

Max Holloway punches Justin Gaethje UFC 300

‘The Highlight’ returned to the octagon on the main card of the historic card earlier this month. There, Justin Gaethje looked to make the first defense of his ceremonial ‘BMF’ title against Max Holloway. The fight was a rare lightweight appearance for the Hawaiian, and he didn’t disappoint. Despite entering the fight as an underdog, Holloway put on a show.

Max Holloway largely dominated Justin Gaethje in their UFC 300 bout, save for a flash knockdown in the fourth round. In the final seconds of round five, the featherweight pointed at the center of the cage and instructed ‘The Highlight’ to trade with him. For nine seconds, they slugged it out until Holloway scored a brutal knockout win in the last second imaginable.

Weeks on from that loss, Justin Gaethje is now opening up on UFC 300. In a recent interview with The Dan LeBatard Show, the lightweight contender discussed his loss and had no regrets about it. He admitted that he didn’t take Max Holloway as seriously as he should’ve, and that played a role in the defeat.


Justin Gaethje reflects on brutal UFC 300 knockout loss to Max Holloway

However, Justin Gaethje still doesn’t have any regrets. He also doesn’t regret deciding to trade punches with Max Holloway in the final ten seconds of the ‘BMF’ title bout. Gaethje admitted that whenever the Hawaiian pointed at the mat, he had no other choice in his mind but to oblige him and swing.

“No [I wasn’t surprised when he pointed]. When that happened, in my mind the first thought was ‘Of course!’ you know?” Justin Gaethje responded to a question in the interview when asked about trading with Max Holloway in the final ten seconds of their UFC 300 bout. “I tried and did the little flip kick. He pointed and I jogged to that center. We said it many times before this was going to be the people’s main event.”

He continued, “I said it was going to be the best live show on Earth and it was just that. It was just two guys that are absolute competitors. I’m a competitor and he’s a competitor, and we’ve been doing this for so long. You know, I just think there was no other option. When someone points at the ground like that, there’s no way I’m not going to accept that challenge.”

What do you make of these comments from the former UFC ‘BMF’ champion? Who do you want to see Justin Gaethje and Max Holloway fight next?

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