Francis Ngannou confirms that Tyson Fury bout paid more than entire MMA career: “The Royal Treatment”

By Josh Evanoff - November 14, 2023

PFL heavyweight contender Francis Ngannou is still buzzing after his boxing match with Tyson Fury.

Francis Ngannou, Tyson Fury

‘The Predator’ made his boxing debut last month in Saudi Arabia. The event marked a lot of firsts for Francis Ngannou, as the bout with Tyson Fury was his first since leaving the UFC. Famously, his exit was marred with controversy and a feud with Dana White over not being paid what he felt he was worth.

Following his exit from the UFC, Francis Ngannou signed with the PFL. However, he hasn’t fought there yet, and one has to wonder if he ever will. In his boxing debut last month, the champion knocked down Tyson Fury, cut him, and held his own in the ten-round contest.

While Francis Ngannou walked away with a split-decision loss that night, it’s hard for him to feel like a loser. ‘The Predator’ was asked about his recent loss to Tyson Fury in an interview on The Last Stand podcast. There, he revealed that he made more in Saudi Arabia than he did for his entire career.


Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou

“Whatever would’ve been my next fight from the moment I left the UFC, was going to be way different from what I made.” Francis Ngannou stated in the interview when asked about his payout for his boxing match against Tyson Fury. “In the last three years in the UFC, I was in the contract issue, I didn’t want to sign a new contract that would have given more money. But, not enough…”

He continued discussing his purse against Tyson Fury, “…It’s more than everything I’ve earned in my life, in my career. Even my next MMA fight would’ve been more [than everything I’ve earned already]. You also have to understand, I wasn’t getting much pay. Your salary starts very low, 10 + 10 and all that stuff. Moving your way up, you get to the point with almost ten fights, still struggling.”

“… And also, the treatment was completely different. It was Royal, we got a Royal Treatment.”

What do you make of these comments from Francis Ngannou? Who do you want to see him fight next?


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