UFC Fight Island 6 Results: Brian Ortega defeats The Korean Zombie (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - October 17, 2020

Tonight’s UFC Fight Island 6 event is headlined by a massive featherweight bout between former title challengers The Korean Zombie and Brian Ortega.

Korean Zombie, Brian Ortega, UFC Fight Island 6

The highly anticipated main event has high stakes as UFC President Dana White recently announced that the winner of tonight’s Zombie vs. Ortega fight will receive the next shot at current featherweight champ Alex Volkanovski.

Chan Sung Jung (16-5 MMA), aka The Korean Zombie, was most recently seen in action at December’s UFC event in his homeland of South Korea. That evening in Busan, ‘TKZ’ recorded his second-straight TKO victory, stopping former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar in the very first round.

Meanwhile, Brian Ortega (14-1 MMA) will be competing for the first time since suffering an ugly TKO loss to Max Holloway at UFC 231. That setback served as the first of Ortega’s career. Prior to the loss ‘T-City’ had gone a perfect 6-0 under the UFC banner.

Round one of the UFC Fight Island 6 main event begins and The Korean Zombie leaps in with some power punches. Ortega returns fire with a low kick. Jung with a jab to the body of ‘T-City’. Chan Sung Jung with a early pressure. He misses with a left hook and Ortega lands a hard low kick. Another kick from the American. Zombie does not seem bothered and lands a straight right. Another hard low kick from Brian Ortega. He lands a leaping jab and then a right hand. A good low kick scores for The Korean Zombie. He lands a jab to the body of Ortega. Brian with a nice right hand over the top. Another heavy low kick lands for ‘TKZ’. Ortega with a good combination. Zombie with a right hand. Oretga clips Jung with a left and ‘TKZ’ goes down. He is back up and throws a high kick. Ortega with a nice right hand. He scores with a kick to the body and then a jab. A leaping left hook lands for The Korean Zombie. Brian Ortega lands a nice left hand to close out round one.

Round two of the UFC Fight Island 6 main event begins and the fighters meet in the center of the cage. The Korean Zombie lands a low kick. He comes in with a flurry after Ortega misses with a spinning elbow attempt. A good right hand lands for ‘TKZ’. Ortega circles and then shoots in for a takedown. Chan Sung Jung is able to stuff the shot. Brian Ortega with a good left hand over the top. Zombie fires back with a straight right up the middle. Jung with a low kick and Ortega fires back with one to the body. Two minutes remain. Ortega with a low kick. Zombie answers with a left hook and then a big uppercut. ‘T-City’ with a big body kick. These guys are throwing heavy strikes. Ortega attempts a high kick but it is blocked by Jung. The Korean Zombie leaps in with left hand and eats a spinning back elbow from Ortega. ‘TKZ’ is down and then right back up with punches. These guys are throwing bombs. Ortega ducks down and scores a takedown. He moves to half guard. The horn sounds to end round two.

Round three begins and The Korean Zombie is applying some early pressure. He charges forward with a combination. Both men appear to be happy standing and trading for the time being. Jabs from both fighters. Jung with a hard kick to the body. Oretga returns fire with an even heavier kick. ‘TKZ’ with a slapping low kick. ‘T-City’ with another kick to the body. Not a ton of action here early but Zombie is landing the better volume overall. Brian Ortega with a nice level change and then a jab to the body. The Korean Zombie appears to be a bit confused by Ortega’s movement. Brian with a pair of jabs and then a hard right hand. ‘TKZ’ with a low kick and then a right. Another punch from Ortega before the horn sounds to end round three.

Round four of the UFC Fight Island 6 main event begins and The Korean Zombie comes out quickly with pressure. He throws a flurry but Ortega is able to circle out along the cage. A body kick lands for ‘T-City’. Chan Sung Jung rushes in but eats a left hand over the top. Brian Ortega with a nice punch that opens Zombie up. He scores a takedown but ‘TKZ’ gets back to his feet. The referee steps in and gets the doctor to check the cut. The bout is allowed to continue and The Korean Zombie comes forward instantly with a flurry. Ortega avoids and lands a low kick. One minute remains. Another low kick from Ortega. Zombie returns fire with a pair of his own. Ortega shoots in for a takedown but is denied. The horn sounds to end round four.

The fifth and final round of the UFC Fight Island 6 main event begins and The Korean Zombie is going to need a finish. He comes forward but eats a low kick. ‘TKZ’ with a nice right over the top. He needs more of that. Ortega with a slick combination. Zombie continues to press but he just can’t seem to get off any offense. Ortega with a nice body kick. Three minutes remain. The Korean Zombie rushes in with a combination but again nothing really lands. The struggles continue for ‘TKZ’ until the horn sounds to end round five.

Official UFC Fight Island 6 Result: Brian Ortega def. The Korean Zombie by unanimous decision (50-45 x3)

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on October 17, 2020