Sean Strickland tells the story about the time he almost killed a man

By Adam D Martin - July 27, 2021

Ahead of his fight against Uriah Hall, UFC middleweight contender Sean Strickland told the story about the time he almost killed a man.


Strickland and Hall meet in the main event of this Saturday’s UFC Vegas 33 event. For Strickland, it’s a big opportunity for him to fight a top-10 ranked fighter and a big name in Hall and take his spot in the rankings. Strickland has been looking sharp as of late as he is currently riding a four-fight win streak, including a perfect 3-0 mark in the UFC middleweight division. He recently said he believes that a big win over Hall this weekend and then another notable win over another top-ranked fighter could get him a title shot.

Ahead of UFC Vegas 33, Strickland took to his social media and posted a video of him driving through Lake Elsinore, California, the scene where he almost once killed a man.

“For those who were wondering how I almost killed a man, I’m at this gathering and I was probably running my mouth being an idiot. The next thing I know and this guy puts a shotgun to my head. So my dumbass punches him in the face, he falls down, I take the gun and at that moment I contemplated if I shoot this motherf*cker in the head is there any legal defense to it? Sadly, I looked around and there were f*cking witnesses so I thought if I killed this man I would have went to prison. So I unload the gun, I give it back to him and I walk away,” Strickland said.

“The moral of the story is, man, you almost f*cking died, and every day I regret the fact there were witnesses and I could have f*cking shot you. But I also forgive you. Again you guys, I would have f*cking smoked him and enjoyed every moment of watching his head splatter. But there’s no legal defense on shooting an unarmed man on his f*cking knees begging for his life. I wish I could have, but I would have gone to prison. And you guys, I’m not angry, I’m one of the happiest human beings you’ll ever meet. Every day I wake up and I’m super grateful for life. You can shoot someone in the head and not be angry. If anything, it could be enjoyable.”

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