Sean O’Malley’s coach names Aljamain Sterling as “the most dangerous” bantamweight champion in the divisions history

By Lewis Simpson - May 19, 2023

Coach of Sean O’Malley, Tim Welch, has named Aljamain Sterling as ‘the most dangerous’ bantamweight champion in the division’s history. Still, he’s confident his student has the tools to overcome the current bantamweight kingpin.

Sean O'Malley

O’Malley has risen the ranks to earn an opportunity to catapult his career into further stardom when he meets with Sterling for the bantamweight strap. UFC President Dana White announced the fight will take place at UFC 292 in Boston, Massachusetts, on August 19 at UFC 292.

Having only recently just fought earlier this month at UFC 288 with a successful title defence over the returning Henry Cejudo, Sterling will make a quick turnaround after suggesting he would like some downtime.


After the fight booking was official, O’Malley’s longtime head coach Welch, spoke with ESPN’s Brett Okamoto about the bantamweight bout, the challenge the team faces, and Sterling’s overall stature in the division’s history.

Tim Welch praises UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling ahead of Sean O’Malley fight

“Stylistically, this is the most dangerous bantamweight champion there’s ever been. I really think that. He’s just so athletic. He’s long. He’s strong, and he’s not just a good wrestler. He’s a good wrestler with good jiu-jitsu, and he’s very funky. He’s very funky. He switches stances. He throws spazzy things, and he’s good at chaining his wrestling together. He’s the most dangerous bantamweight there’s ever been in my opinion, and we look forward to the challenge,” Welch said.

“If you make one simple mistake, he’s going to be on your back the whole time. And his cardio’s gotten better. He’s not only good at grappling. He’s good at MMA grappling, too, so he’s good at mixing it up. The timing’s going to be right when he’s ready to start punching you. Then he’s going to keep advancing to half-guard and then try to mount you, force you to give up your back. He’s just very good physically and technically.”

Welch addressed Sterling’s relentless pressure and his ability to suffocate his opponents over five rounds while touching on the procedure they would take to prepare for that style.

Preparation for Sterling

“If anybody’s going to be able to do it, Sugar’s going to be able to do it,” Welch added. “His whole career, the game plan against Sean has to ben to pressure him, get him on the fence, and take him down. His whole career has been that way. In training, we find the best guys we can to try to pressure him. To try to put him o the cage. To try and take him down. And Sean, every time he shows up in that cage, he’s game. He’s in there to win so if anyone can do it, Sugar can do it.”

“Aljo hasn’t fought anyone like Sean. Anyone who’s near as fast as him. Has KO power in every limb, and it’s funky, similar to Aljo. So Aljo’s never fought no one like Sugar, and we’ve never fought no one like Aljo, so we’re going to find out what happens.”

Do you agree with Tim Welch’s assessment? Is Aljamain Sterling the most dangerous fight for Sean O’Malley in the bantamweight division? Let us know in the comments!

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