Rafa Garcia lost twenty percent of his blood after cutting an artery during his win at UFC Vegas 66

By Harry Kettle - December 19, 2022

Rafa Garcia reportedly lost twenty percent of his blood after cutting an artery during his victory at UFC Vegas 66.

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It’s not uncommon to see nasty injuries at a UFC event. After all, this is mixed martial arts we’re talking about here.

Many fighters, especially, have had to endure some really brutal cuts. It’s part of the game and more often than not, we see these warriors fight through the turmoil in the name of securing the victory.

Last weekend, Rafa Garcia battled through the kind of adversity many of us will never see. He sustained a cut artery that left him bleeding all over the Octagon and yet, the referee didn’t stop the contest.

Instead, Garcia battled through to secure a unanimous decision win over Hayisaer Maheshate. During his post-fight show appearance, Rafa revealed that the injury was more serious than it may have seemed even with all of the visible blood loss.


“They told me I lost 20 percent of my blood,” Garcia said. “I got a cut artery. They told me they had never seen that before.

“When they were stitching me up, Cub told me sit down and just chill because you lost 20 percent of your blood, chill a little bit.”

Garcia fights through

“I feel like I stepped it up,” Garcia said. “I was walking always forward and it worked great for me.”

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Garcia may not receive the financial reward he deserves for such a performance. Alas, in the eyes of MMA fans and pundits across the globe, he’ll get the kind of recognition he truly deserves.

What did you think of Rafa Garcia’s gnarly cut? Do you believe the referee should’ve stopped the fight? Where will he go from here now in the UFC? Let us know in the comments, BJPENN Nation!

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