Michel Pereira explains his unusual training involving taking down cows and running with horses

By Cole Shelton - September 3, 2020

Michel Pereira may best be known for his backflips and somersaults while fighting, but his training camp might be even weirder.

Michel Pereira, UFC Rochester

Pereira is set to return to the Octagon at UFC Vegas 9 after he lost by DQ to Diego Sanchez earlier this year. For the Brazilian, he says his training camp was strange as his training partners were farm animals.

“I train new things every time. I try to get to know different strategies and different games. For this event in particular, I trained at a farm with animals,” Michel Pereira said at virtual media day. “So I was running around with animals. I always try to train in different places and get to know different things, so every time I step in the Octagon, I can bring something new and put on a show.”

When Pereira was asked to elaborate on what training he did with farm animals, he didn’t shy away from discussing his unique training.

“I trained with cows and working on taking them down and running with horses. I had different experiences with different animals and just tried to work on different strategies,” he said.

Michel Pereira is set to fight Zelim Imadaev in what should be a very fun fight. The Brazilian is easily the flashiest fighter on the UFC roster. He will often throw rolling thunders and attempt kicks and punches off the fence. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see his training is just as weird as his fighting style.

The Brazilian enters this fight being 1-2 inside the Octagon and on the final fight of his contract. In his debut, he scored a highlight-reel knockout over Danny Roberts. He then suffered a decision loss to Tristan Connelly and the DQ loss to Sanchez.

What do you make of Michel Pereira’s training camp involving cows and horses?

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