Marlon Vera reacts to Sean O’Malley’s claim about “undefeated record”

By Harry Kettle - March 16, 2021

Marlon Vera has responded after Sean O’Malley claimed that he will be putting his “unbeaten” record on the line when he fights at UFC 260.

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O’Malley is set to fight Thomas Almeida at this month’s PPV event, but he’ll be doing so with a 12-1 professional MMA record after he was beaten by “Chito” at UFC 252 last summer.

Ever since the fight, it’s safe to say “Sugar” hasn’t really accepted the circumstances surrounding his loss. A big part of that comes down to the leg injury he seemed to sustain with some believing Vera was responsible and others feeling as if it was nothing more than an accident.

Now, even all these months later, these two men are still going at it on social media.

Given the nature of how that fight ended it makes a lot of sense for the two to run it back somewhere down the road. However, they both need to get back on the winning trail first, with Vera also losing his last outing to the legendary Jose Aldo via unanimous decision.

The bantamweight division is absolutely stacked with hungry guys like this who are desperate to make it to the top. The likes of O’Malley may have been seen as the star amongst the pack but in a game like this, you really never do know who is going to rise to the top of the mountain.

Both men possess all the potential in the world and they’re well aware of that. Vera tends to fly under the radar more than O’Malley but if they ever do fight again, the stakes and the circumstances are going to be fascinating.

For now, though, the focus shifts to UFC 260 and whether O’Malley can overcome Almeida.

Do you believe Marlon Vera has a right to tease Sean O’Malley after how their UFC 252 ended?

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