Justin Gaethje goes off on “coward” Colby Covington: “He’s a fake person”

By Adam Martin - October 1, 2020

UFC interim lightweight champion Justin Gaethje went off on the “coward” Colby Covington, saying the star welterweight he is a “fake person.”


Gaethje and Covington were both recently invited to United States President Donald Trump’s rally in Nevada and there were photographs released of Covington putting his arm on Gaethje’s shoulder, which surprised a lot of people. Covington is one of the most polarizing figures in the sport today as he’s either loved or hated. Count Gaethje among the latter of those people, as “The Highlight” made it clear he does not like Covington.

Speaking to reporters on Fight Island, Gaethje explained why he despises Covington.

“The day I met him, I was singing his praises because of how professional he was and how he held himself,” Gaethje said (via theScore).

“But then he went on to do a bunch of interviews. “I probably despise that man more than anybody on planet Earth, other than child pedophiles and murderers and things like that. He is a coward, he is a fake person. He stands there and acts like this soft-hearted dude, and then he gets behind a camera and is a total coward and a fake person. I’ve never met someone as fake as Colby Covington,” continued Gaethje.

“As a man, I would love to slap him right across the face.”

Covington has made some very controversial comments as of late, including making jokes to UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman and his “little tribe.” UFC president Dana White has said that he doesn’t believe Covington is racist, but many fans would say they disagree with him. Covington has taken shots at numerous black athletes including LeBron James and Tyron Woodley as of late which have not helped his popularity among fans. Covington is a great fighter, but it’s fair to say his image isn’t the best these days.

Do you think we will ever see Justin Gaethje fight Colby Covington?

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