Jon Jones continues to take aim at “straight b*tch” Israel Adesanya in epic Twitter rant

By Adam Martin - September 30, 2020

UFC legend Jon Jones continued to take aim at Israel Adesanya, calling the middleweight champ a “straight b*tch” in his latest Twitter rant.

Jon Jones, Israel Adesanya, Daniel Cormier

It’s clear that there is no love lost between Jones and Adesanya. The two have taken numerous shots at each other on social media and in interviews for the past year or so, but things seemed to have hit a boiling point recently. Jones recently unloaded on Adesanya in an Instagram post, and on Wednesday, he continued to pile on to Adesanya.

After Adesanya denied using steroids when accused of using them due to his swollen right pec, Jones took to Twitter to bury the middleweight champion in a number of messages.

1. Dye my hair pink 2. Grow a pair of breasts 3. Convince the world Jon Jones is jealous even though he’s undefeated, incredibly successful and the youngest champion in the sports history. 4. Mentioned Jon Jones in all interviews but avoid fighting him at all costs

One breast for now

Oh it has, he just hides it real well. Dudes a straight b*tch

I wonder if boo-hoo man makes training bras

There is certainly no love lost between these two rivals as you can see from all of the Tweets. Jones and Adesanya have made their disdain of each other clear, and now the only thing that’s left to do is to see these two step into the Octagon to settle their differences.

Of course, there are some issues with that. First off, the two are in different weight classes, so for this fight to happen, Adesanya would have to move up to light heavyweight. While that wouldn’t have been a problem a few months ago, Jones recently announced that he is moving up to heavyweight. Then again, maybe he would put that off to fight Adesanya.

Do you think we will see ever Jon Jones fight Israel Adesanya in the Octagon?

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