Ilia Topuria is convinced Paddy Pimblett won’t fight him unless Dana White holds “The Baddy” at gunpoint

By Fernando Quiles - March 20, 2022

Ilia Topuria thinks Paddy Pimblett will do all he can to avoid fighting him.

Ilia Topuria

Topuria and Pimblett were both featured on the UFC London card in separate bouts. Topuria went to battle with Jai Herbert, while Pimblett took on Kazula Vargas. Both men emerged victorious with Topuria knocking out Herbert and Paddy submitting Vargas.

Ahead of fight night, Ilia Topuria and Paddy Pimblett got into an altercation inside a fighter hotel. “The Baddy” threw hand sanitizer at Topuria, who responded by throwing punches.

Speaking to reporters following his win over Herbert, Topuria said he doesn’t expect Paddy to fight him unless he’s forced to do so (via

“Never. Never ever, I don’t think so. Maybe if Dana stayed with him with a gun, maybe yes, and they force him to go inside the cage with me. Maybe. Otherwise, I don’t think so. I don’t think he has the balls to fight me.”

Clearly, things have gotten personal and Topuria said he’ll fight Pimblett in any weight class.

“With Paddy, I don’t give a f*** about any weight class. Even if he wants to come and don’t make the weight, I’m gonna fight him. I don’t care about the weight with Paddy.”

Topuria claims that the beef with Paddy stems from an argument “The Baddy” had with one of his friends on social media. Topuria said he was heated when Pimblett allegedly told Guram Kutateladze that “Russia destroyed Georgia because you are dumps.”

Paddy claims he made Topuria “sh*t himself” during their exchange in the fighter hotel. He told Robbie Fox that if Topuria really wanted to do something to him, he would’ve done so during their altercation.

Now that both men are coming off victories, it’ll be interesting to see if they’ll be matched up in the near future.


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