Glover Teixeira unbothered by Corey Anderson’s recent comments: “He got knocked out by the man I took the belt from”

Glover Teixeira
Image Credit: @UFC/Twitter

UFC light-heavyweight champion Glover Teixeira doesn’t seem to care about Corey Anderson’s comments.

The Bellator light-heavyweight title contender is fresh off a no-contest with Vadim Nemkov last month. Despite not picking up the win due to a headbutt, Anderson seemed confident that he was the best 205-pound fighter on the planet. The former UFC fighter has openly pondered if Dana White regrets releasing him in 2020.

Anderson’s argument is backed up by his 2018 win over light-heavyweight champion Glover Teixeira. While he lost their 2020 rematch, he also holds a win over former titleholder Jan Blachowicz as well.

Well, the UFC’s light heavyweight champion doesn’t really care about Corey Anderson. In an interview with Trocação Francathe Brazilian noted that he holds a win over Jan Blachowicz. Teixeira defeated the Polish fighter in 2021 to earn UFC gold for the first time in his career.

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Glover Teixeira, Jan Blachowicz, UFC 267
Glover Teixeira def. Jan Blachowicz at UFC 267

“It’s water under the bridge. Corey went there and was better that night [in 2018]. It was a bad fight, I lost a decision, [but] it’s a fight that could have gone five or 10 rounds and he wouldn’t have knocked me out or submitted me, wouldn’t have done anything. I got tired and he stalled. I had no marks [on my face] when I got out. But Corey is doing a good job in Bellator. I root for him.”

Glover Teixeira continued, “If we have to fight again one day, of course, I’m going to win, man. I’m way better now. I stayed in the organization and he was released, you know? He lost after that, he got knocked out by Blachowicz. He got knocked out by the man I took the belt from.”

What do you think about Glover Teixeira’s comments about Corey Anderson? Who do you think is the best light-heavyweight fighter on the planet?


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