Daniel Cormier questions why USADA is “randomly” testing Jiri Prochazka more than Jon Jones: “Where are his damn tests?”

By Josh Evanoff - December 22, 2022

UFC commentator Daniel Cormier isn’t exactly thrilled with who USADA is choosing to test.

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The anti-doping organization has taken a lot of heat over the last few months. Conor McGregor, who’s been out of action with a broken leg, was seemingly allowed to exit the testing pool to possibly use banned substances. In the past, USADA has stated that one has to retire, or be released, to not be tested.

Along with admitting there is a third way to avoid testing, USADA has come under fire for its treatment of Jiri Prochazka. ‘Denisa’ recently vacated his light-heavyweight title due to a shoulder injury. However, he’s still the most-tested fighter in the company by a sizeable margin.

Furthermore, the former champion is being tested more than Jon Jones. That last bit seems to get on the nerves of one Daniel Cormier. On his YouTube channel, ‘DC’ tore into USADA over their random testing and stated it likely isn’t random.

Beyond that, the commentator pondered why ‘Bones’ wasn’t being tested more. For the year 2022, Jones was tested only four times. Meanwhile, Prochazka is sitting at 64 tests, all coming at random, according to USADA anyway.

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Daniel Cormier questions why Jon Jones isn’t tested more

“One of the reasons with Jon Jones was that he was gonna get to come back, but he was gonna be the most tested guy in USADA,” Cormier stated on his YouTube channel. “They were gonna be on him. They were gonna make sure that he didn’t have picograms or any of that stuff. Where are his damn tests? I mean, why is he not the most tested? Why are you testing Jiri Prochazka more than you’re testing this guy who has a history of having these types of issues? That makes no sense. We have a guy who has a history of drug abuse that got tested a third of the months of the year. That’s not fair. That’s not random.”

He continued, “They say it’s random all the time, but not 64 times. Look, come on, seriously, he should be tested. Based on history, we’re through the year. Poor Jiri Prochazka is showing his wiener every six days, he’s having to get in front of that USADA guy. And, we have a guy, who has a history of drug abuse, that got tested a third of the months in a year.”

“That’s not fair, that’s not random,” concluded Cormier. “USADA should look at it with Jones based on the history of performance-enhancing drugs, or the issues he’s had. To me, that just doesn’t make any sense that he’s been tested so little.”

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