Dana White says Fight Island isn’t going away and is “going to be even bigger”

By Cole Shelton - June 24, 2021

Dana White says Fight Island is still a big part of the UFC.

Dana White

Last summer, White revealed Fight Island in Abu Dhabi that caught the attention of the sports world. They held several events there including pay-per-views in July, September, and October. However, since returning for three events in January, they haven’t gone back and there has been no talk of returning. Many have wondered if they will go back but according to White, Fight Island is only getting bigger and remains a big part of the UFC plans.

“I’m flying to Abu Dhabi this summer and working on finishing building out the infrastructure of Fight Island,” White said to the Bro Bible. “Not only is Fight Island not going away, (but) Fight Island is going to be even bigger. Fight Island is going to be so badass that it’s about to be this destination in Abu Dhabi for fight fans. This summer I’m going to announce it and walk everyone through what’s going on there. I’m super excited for that.

On Fight Island they were building the Eithad Arena which was nearly complete for UFC 257 in January. It will also be home for one pya-per-view a year as White and the promotion signed a contract with them to give them one PPV a year for five years that started in 2019 with Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Dustin Poirier.

Although the luster and mystique of Fight Island are gone, as White says, it still will remain a big part of the UFC. Once fans can get back to full capacity the crowd is a passionate one as we saw at UFC 242, it will also become a major tourist attraction for people that want to visit Abu Dhabi and then can catch a big UFC card.

What do you make of Dana White saying Fight Island is going to get even bigger?

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