Dan LeBatard questions ESPN’s lack of coverage from Dana White slapping his wife on NYE: “White has a great deal of power”

By Harry Kettle - January 5, 2023

Former ESPN host Dan LeBatard has questioned the network’s lack of coverage regarding Dana White slapping his partner.

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It’s safe to say that the last few days haven’t been great for UFC president Dana White. The boss was caught on camera striking his wife on New Year’s Eve, for which he has since apologized.

Alas, even with the apology, many feel as if there needs to be further punishment for White’s actions.

Whether or not we’ll see that remains to be seen. However, that hasn’t stopped the likes of Dan LeBatard from chiming in on the situation – focusing specifically on ESPN’s coverage.

“I am curious how ESPN is going to cover the news of Dana White and video of him slapping his wife at New Year’s festivities,” LeBatard said. “Apologizing, saying there’s no excuse, saying that he had been drinking. If it had been Roger Goodell or an owner of an NFL team, I imagine it would be covered with a great deal of zeal even though ESPN is a corporate partner of the NFL.

White’s big issue

“In this case, Dana White is the most famous person in this sport, is he not? The most famous person in the sport even with all the fighters, because he’s the face and voice for a sport. If he’s not, he’s close to it. It’s not even the crime, it’s the size of the fame of the criminal. How does ESPN cover that one?”

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The next UFC event takes place at the Apex next weekend. As of now, it’s not known whether or not White will be present.

Do you agree with Dan LeBatard? What are your overall thoughts on the situation and do you think Dana White should be punished? Let us know in the comments, BJPENN Nation!

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