Bryce Mitchell calls out Floyd Mayweather: ‘I’ll hit Floyd so damn hard he’ll be able to read a book’

By Cole Shelton - December 10, 2019

Bryce Mitchell is the latest MMA fighter to call out Floyd Mayweather.

Bryce Mitchell, Floyd Mayweather

Yet, the Arkansas native says his issue with the boxer happened 10 years ago and he wants to fight him for it. Bryce Mitchell also says he’ll hit Mayweather so hard he’ll finally be able to read. Of course, Conor McGregor joked that the boxer couldn’t read in the lead up to their fight.

“There is one person I’ll call out real quick and that is Floyd Mayweather,” Bryce Mitchell began on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show. “He’s talking about he’s wanting to box some MMA fighter and you know I watched some interview of his probably 10 years ago and its pissed me off ever since… He said that MMA is for white dudes who can’t box. That is what he said word for word…

“I’ll box him. He is talking about he wants to come over and box a UFC fighter, I’ll beat his ass. That is all I got to say about him. He thinks I’m scared of him for a minute, he fights like a b***h. He runs, he’s scared, I’ve never gone into a fight in my life trying to win on points, never. When I go into the cage I fight to kill someone,” Bryce Mitchell continued. “Floyd Mayweather, he fights like a b***h. He runs, he point-fights the whole fight, most of his fights are boring. If he wants a real fight, it’s right here, it’s right here buddy. I’ll kick your ass. You know how hard I’ll hit Floyd Mayweather? I’ll hit Floyd so damn hard he’ll wake up and be able to read a book. That’s how hard I’ll hit him. His brain will be so scrambled from my hands he’ll wake up and be able to read. The doctors there going to think it is a miracle that this f*****g idiot can read. That’s how hard I’ll hit Floyd Mayweather. He can f**k right off. If he wants a boxing match, this stupid white guy will box him.”

It seems highly unlikely Bryce Mitchell will get a fight with Floyd Mayweather but he has called for it. The undefeated featherweight is coming off of a twister submission win at UFC D.C.

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