Bruce Buffer provides positive health update after missing UFC 267

By Adam D Martin - October 29, 2021

UFC Octagon announcer Bruce Buffer provided a positive health update after missing UFC 267 due to testing positive for COVID-19.

Bruce Buffer, Conor McGregor, Georges St-Pierre

Buffer is typically the man on the mic in the Octagon during the UFC’s numbered cards, but for the first since in 25 years, he will be missing a numbered UFC card. The reason is that Buffer recently tested positive for COVID-19. He has been feeling under the weather and, as much as he wanted to be in Abu Dhabi, he had no choice but to withdraw from the card.

Speaking on the “It’s Time!” podcast, Buffer gave a positive health update following testing positive for COVID-19. According to Buffer, he was vaccinated and he believes that had he not been, things could have ended up much worse for him.

“I thank God I’m vaccinated. I had the (Johnson & Johnson vaccine). I plan on getting the booster; now I don’t have to get that for two or three months, whatever is allowed because you’re antibodies build up with this. (The virus) knocked my feet in the dirt definitely for the first three or four days with the fever, the temperature, the body aches, the headaches. I did not lose my taste or smell thankfully,” Buffer said (h/t “Everybody’s different. Luckily no lung damage that I can tell. My lungs feel good. I’ve been doing videos and cameos and getting them out. Even when I was sick I was doing it because obviously, I’m here at home. All I can tell you, folks, is I hope you’re vaccinated. I don’t want to start a conversation, ‘get vaxxed, not get vaxxed.’ But if I wasn’t vaccinated, who knows how this thing would’ve wound up? Bottom line.”

We here at wish Bruce Buffer the best as he looks to recover from his illness.

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