UFC Utica Results: Gregor Gillespie submits Vinc Pichel in Round 2

By Chris Taylor - June 1, 2018

A lightweight fight between rising stars Gregor Gillespie and Vinc Pichel served as the co-headliner of tonight’s UFC Fight Night 131 event in Utica, New York.

Round one begins and Pichel throws a double jab to keep Gregor at bay early. Gillespie presses forward and lands a punch. He shoots in and scores an early takedown. Gregor moves to half guard and then quickly passes over to side control. Gillespie begins to land some left hands. That causes Vinc to scramble and he gives up his neck. Gregor looks to lock in a front choke but it is not there. Pichel is back to his feet but Gregor swarms on him with punches. Gillespie drops down for a single leg takedown and gets it. Pichel scrambles back to his feet but once again Gregor is all over him with punches and then proceeds to score another single leg takedown. Gregor passes to half guard and fires off a right hand. Pichel is defending well here. Gillespie is able to move to full mount but Vinc immediately scrambles and is able to get back to his feet. The fighters briefly exchange punches before Gregor scores yet another takedown. Gillespie rolls for a choke. He locks up an anaconda hold but the horn sounds before he can score the finish.

Round two begins and “The Fisherman” once again is able to take the fight to the canvas early. Gregor moves to side control and begins working in some punches. Pichel attempts to scramble up to his feet but gives up his back in the process. Gregor has the back of Pichel with both hooks in but is riding too high. He gives up on the submission attack and switches to a body lock. Gregor drags Pichel back to the floor. He immediately passes to side control and begins working some left hands. Gregor looks to get full mount but after a scramble he winds up in half guard. Another pass attempt and this time Gillespie gets to full mount. He locks in an arm triangle and it is tight. This one is all over as Pichel is forced to tapout.

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