Gregor Gillespie trolls Conor McGregor in latest fishing photos: “it’s pretty clear who the best dressed is”

Gregor Gillespie
Image via @ufc on Instagram

Gregor Gillespie has sent a light-hearted jab in the direction of Conor McGregor as their amusing “fishing” banter continues.

Gillespie is coming off the back of a really impressive win over Diego Ferreira that saw him overcome a lot of adversity before finishing the bout in the second round. Now, he plans on rekindling his rise up through the lightweight ranks, starting with an opponent in the top 10.

Recently, though, he’s been engaging in a bit of back and forth after Conor McGregor responded to Gillespie suggesting he can’t wait to go fishing after his fight.

“This Gregor Gillespie cat is no way in hell the best fisherman in MMA. Not even f***in close!”

Of course, Gillespie decided to respond in the most entertaining manner imaginable.

“@TheNotoriousMMA We can figure out who the best fighter is, we can figure out who the best fisherman is, but it’s pretty clear who the best dressed is”

While it’s enjoyable to see these fun and games given how serious the build-up to McGregor vs Poirier 3 is likely to be, it’s also interesting to consider what would happen in a potential fight between the two men.

If McGregor does end up losing to Poirier this summer but still wants to stick around the lightweight division, there’s a chance he could take a fight against someone like Gillespie.

It’d obviously be a huge risk but if McGregor is serious about getting back to his old ways, Gregor is the kind of opponent he needs to be going after.

Just how far up the lightweight rankings do you think Gregor Gillespie can go? Plus, in the future, do you think there’s a scenario in which he could go head to head with Conor McGregor? Let us know your thoughts on this potential match-up down in the comments, BJPENN Nation!

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