UFC Utica Results: Walt Harris TKO’s Daniel Spitz in Round 2

Walt Harris

A heavyweight tilt featuring Walt Harris taking on Daniel Spitz took place on tonight’s UFC Fight Night 131 main card from Utica, New York.

Daniel Spitz entered the contest with a 6-1 record while his opponent Walt “The Big Ticket” Harris came in at 10-7 overall.

Round one begins and Spitz lands a hard low kick to start things off. Daniel is moving well early trying to keep Harris at distance. Walt throws a front kick that misses. Spitz returns fire with a head kick but the strike is blocked. Spitz comes forward and lands a low kick. He side steps and then lands another. Harris is patient which causes some boos from the fans. That appears to motivate Harris who charges forward and lands a pair of right hands. Walt follows those strikes up with a heavy low kick. Spitz circles off of the fence and then comes forward with a body kick that connects. Harris enters the pocket and throws a kick to the body of Spitz. Daniel circles out and then connects with a left hand over the top. Harris eats that shots and then fires off another hard low kick. Both men seem more than happy to stand and trade. Harris with a right hand followed by another low kick. Spitz attempts another high kick which is easily blocked. Harris with a left hand. Spitz responds with a low kick. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Harris lands a right hand followed by a low kick. Spitz circles and then lands a low kick of his own. Daniel needs to get his hands going. Harris just misses with a left hand. Spitz connects with a side kick to the face. Harris eats that strike and then leaps in with a knee that finds a home. Spitz circles and then meets Harris in the center of the cage. Spitz with a low kick. He attempts another but Harris catches it and smiles. Three minutes remain in round two. Spitz is looking for an opening. He can’t find one and opts to throw a body kick which is blocked. Harris comes forward with a left hand. He leaps in with a right but Spitz fucks under the attempted strike and circles out. Spitz with a low kick. He throws a straight kick but Harris avoids contact. Walt with a left hand that just misses. Spitz returns fire with a right that partially connects. Harris charges forward with a combination. He tries his luck with a head kick but it fails to find the mark. Spitz fakes an elbow and then gets caught by a jab to the body from Harris. The crowd is booing loudly now. Harris connects with a big right hand that wobbles Spitz. Harris sees that Spitz is hurt and closes in for the finish. Another right hand sends Spitz to the floor. Some ground and pound now from Harris and this one is all over! WOW!

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