Tony Ferguson responds after Gregor Gillespie accuses him of turning down multiple fight offers: “That dude is some kind of work man”

Tony Ferguson
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Tony Ferguson has responded to Gregor Gillespie’s claims that he’s repeatedly turned down the chance to fight him.

While he may be riding a four-fight losing streak, Tony Ferguson still seems to be one of the most talked-about lightweights on the planet right now. ‘El Cucuy’ has come out in a series of interviews since his UFC 274 defeat and, for the most part, has given a really good account of himself.

He’s been able to explain his thought process for his career moving forward, and he’s also set himself up for some nice opportunities.

He’s also addressed some allegations that have been made against him, such as Gregor Gillespie insisting he’s turned down the chance for them to fight one another on multiple occasions.

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“I’d never heard about him… I was never offered a fight by the UFC with him. I never heard anything, my lawyers (and) my agents never heard anything,” said Ferguson. “I want to be real, that dude is some kind of work man. I sent him a message… the story is, he don’t change his knee pads, I guess, or something like that. He’s a stinky guy. I don’t wanna fight a stinky guy. Clean up your act and go fight some people. You can’t talk your way into the title, you’re not Conor (McGregor). Conor’s got value, he brings something to the table. He breaks records with the gate and everything. So do I.”

“If you’re just sitting there bitching all the time and not doing any work, or there for the company, you can’t expect to talk yourself into a title fight, I’m gonna be real… I recommend to him (Gillespie), get in there and fight some mothers*ckers,” Ferguson said.

Quotes via MMA News

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Do you think we could see Tony Ferguson vs Gregor Gillespie later this year?

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