Jorge Masvidal goes to bat for former UFC opponent Nate Diaz: “We have to defend ourselves. It’s a cold world out there”

By Fernando Quiles - April 30, 2023

Jorge Masvidal is defending Nate Diaz after the Stockton native was seen on video choking out a man who is allegedly a TikTok star.

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Diaz was charged with second-degree battery following a brawl on Bourbon Street. The former UFC star attended the Misfits Boxing 6 event, which was held inside the XULA Convocation Center in New Orleans, Louisiana on April 21. Diaz was the center of attention despite not competing on the card, as he threw a water bottle at reality TV star Chase DeMoor.

Later on outside the venue, Nate Diaz put a chokehold on a man who approached him. The man was choked unconscious. TikTok star and Logan Paul lookalike Rodney Peterson alleges that he was the one who was put out by Diaz. In a video posted on social media, Peterson showed off a nasty gash on the back of his head, supposedly from when he allegedly smacked his head on the concrete after Diaz let go of the choke.

Jorge Masvidal on Nate Diaz charge

Masvidal has chimed in on the situation, sticking up for his former opponent during an interview with TMZ Sports.

“There’s nothing wrong [with defending yourself],” Masvidal said.

“When it’s you against somebody you have no idea if he’s got a knife in his pocket, if he’s gonna f******* pepper spray you then kick you in the nuts,” Jorge explained, adding … “Obviously this guy’s not in the right mind if he’s attacking a pro fighter. I just don’t like it that people think because we’re pro fighters that we’re not able to defend ourselves.

“No, we have to defend ourselves. It’s a cold world out there.”

Jorge Masvidal isn’t the only well-known name in the MMA circle who chimed in on the Diaz situation. UFC Hall of Famer Michael Bisping took to his “Believe You Me” podcast to share his belief that Diaz should tread carefully.

“He’s almost 40 years old,” Bisping said. “Got to be careful because one day that could catch up with you. Remember, a lot of people are carrying guns these days. He could have been stabbed. The guy could have cracked his head as he went down. Fortunately, none of that happened and he’s not even gonna sue him. That would be the number one thing I’d worry about.”

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