Michael Bisping reacts to Nate Diaz’s street fight in New Orleans: “He’s almost 40 years old”

By Harry Kettle - April 26, 2023

MMA analyst Michael Bisping has given his thoughts on Nate Diaz’s recent street fight incident in New Orleans.

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One thing we know to be true about Nate Diaz is that he’s unpredictable. From leaving the UFC to boxing Jake Paul and beyond, he always seems to be in the spotlight. In addition to that, he isn’t afraid to get into confrontations – whether it be on social media or in real life.

Over the weekend, Diaz was in New Orleans to watch his teammate Chris Avila compete on the latest Misfits Boxing card. As well as getting into a scuffle in the arena, he also wound up fighting someone on the streets of the city. There has since been an arrest warrant issued for the Stockton native.

Michael Bisping, who rarely holds back when giving his opinion, recently weighed in on the controversy.

“Nate Diaz is the talk of the town once again,” Bisping said. “Alright, granted for the wrong reasons, but when you’re a fighter, is it really the wrong reason? As a man, as a human being. As somebody trying to get through life, you want to deal with as little drama, trouble… Controversy as possible, but I guess if you’re a fight star, it is a little bit different. I certainly felt that shift as well when I was a fighter.

Bisping questions Diaz

“He’s almost 40 years old. Got to be careful because one day that could catch up with you. Remember, a lot of people are carrying guns these days. He could have been stabbed. The guy could have cracked his head as he went down. Fortunately, none of that happened and he’s not even gonna sue him. That would be the number one thing I’d worry about.”

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