Movsar Evloev claims Dana White was watching an NFL game that he bet on during his UFC 297 fight against Arnold Allen

By Cole Shelton - May 7, 2024

Movsar Evloev says Dana White was watching an NFL game he bet on during UFC 297.

Movsar Evloev

Evloev was taking on Arnold Allen on the main card of UFC 297 in a crucial fight for the featherweight division. Evloev ended up winning the bout by unanimous decision to improve to 18-0 as a pro and 8-0 in the UFC.

However, after the event, White blasted Evloev saying it was a boring fight and it sucked the wind out of the arena.

“That fight sucked the wind right out of the arena. That was the least fun fight anybody’s ever seen,” White said after UFC 297.

Now, months later, speaking on the Badaev Podcast, Movsar Eloev responded to Dana White’s comments and said ATT owner Dan Lambert told him that the UFC CEO was watching an NFL game that he bet on. UFC 297 was during an NFL playoff game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Green Bay Packers.

“Then for some reason, Dana said that my last fight was not entertaining. Maybe he wanted to motivate me somehow or dampen my championship ambitions a little. Because he already understands that I’m close. Then we talked with Dan Lambert after the fight. He said, ‘Movsar, I was sitting next to Dana White during your fight, and he was watching American Football there.’ He apparently placed a bet somewhere on the time of my fight. He may not have even fully seen my fight. Maybe he somehow drew attention to my fight after there were illegal blows, when there was still one minute left… I told Dana, ‘I’m not here to amuse you, I came here for the belt.’ I’ll take the belt, and then we’ll see,” Evloev said.

It is an interesting comment from Movsar Evloev suggesting Dana White wasn’t even watching his fight and was instead focused on an NFL game.

As of this moment, the Russian standout is still awaiting his next UFC booking.