Matt Brown discusses PFL’s “gamble” with former UFC champion Francis Ngannou: “I think the over/under looks pretty bad for them”

By Harry Kettle - May 24, 2023

MMA veteran Matt Brown has discussed PFL’s gamble by making such a lucrative offer to former UFC champion Francis Ngannou.

Francis Ngannou

The MMA world now knows what Francis Ngannou’s next move is: to fight for PFL next year. Of course, that’s just in the cage because he also looks set to make his boxing debut later in 2023. ‘The Predator’ was able to secure a blockbuster deal with the promotion that may well be the most lucrative in the history of mixed martial arts.


It’s a testament to the legacy created by Francis over the course of the last few years. However, while plenty of fighters have praised him, some aren’t so sure of how it’ll turn out – and that includes Matt Brown, as he noted during an episode of MMA Fighting’s The Fighter vs The Writer.

“They took a gamble and we’re going to see if it pays off,” Brown said about the PFL. “I think the over/under looks pretty bad for them. That’s about all it comes down to, right? It kind of looks bad for them.

“Good job to Francis. How much respect do you have to have for that guy? He becomes UFC champion, fought out his contract, goes and gets a deal like that, we’ve got to give mad credit to this guy and we hope the best for him but we’re not businessmen in terms of running MMA promotions but it certainly doesn’t look good for PFL here.”

Brown questions PFL’s Ngannou deal

“I don’t know if that’s the best way to do it or not but they’re taking the risk,” Brown said. “It’s a business that they’re running and they’re going for it. You’ve got to respect that, too. I don’t know how they got the cash. I don’t know how they got the investors. That’s the funny thing like what they sell these guys on? What were they telling these investors that convinced them? But they did it so more power to them.”

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