Referee Marc Goddard admits he ‘literally screamed’ as he stopped Max Holloway vs. Justin Gaethje at UFC 300

By Curtis Calhoun - April 15, 2024

Referee Marc Goddard’s reaction to the Max Holloway vs. Justin Gaethje ending echoed that of millions around the world.

Marc Goddard, Justin Gaethje, Max Holloway

The BMF title fight between Holloway and Gaethje surpassed lofty expectations at UFC 300. The two lightweight stars threw powerful blows over almost five full rounds, but Holloway dealt more damage and had a significant lead on the judges’ scorecards.

In the final seconds, Holloway pointed to the center of the cage in an attempt to lure Gaethje into a phone booth scrap. After a frantic nine seconds, Holloway landed a massive right hand to sleep Gaethje with one second on the clock.

Goddard was front-and-center as he oversaw one of the greatest knockouts in UFC history. Even for an experienced referee like Goddard, the fight ending was a sight to behold.

Referee Marc Goddard shares surreal reaction to Max Holloway KO

In a recent tweet, Goddard admitted that Holloway’s knockout just feet in front of him shook him to the core.

“Id love the UFC to release the mic’d audio from me,” Goddard tweeted Monday. “I literally screamed out at that ending, first time in 20 years. It was an automatic reaction I guess. I’m still speechless. Still have goosebumps. Both of these guys are the epitome of our sport. Sheer class. What a privilege.”

It takes a lot to shock Goddard, a longtime UFC referee and a former MMA fighter. He competed in Cage Warriors and Cage Rage before making the full-time transition to officiating.

Regardless of Goddard’s vast experience, Holloway’s knockout was a one-of-a-kind UFC moment. He earned the latest knockout in UFC history (R5, 4:59) at UFC 300.

Holloway’s victory will likely be discussed for years to come, and Goddard was a part of UFC history in officiating the fight. Goddard’s reaction shows that even the most tenured professionals in MMA can be surprised by what transpires.

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