Jorge Masvidal addresses Jake Paul over talk of a potential PFL fight: “I’d kick your f*cking kneecap off your fragile body”

By Josh Evanoff - April 15, 2024

Former UFC welterweight contender Jorge Masvidal has some strong words for Jake Paul.

Jorge Masvidal, Jake Paul

‘Gamebred’ signed a deal to face Nate Diaz in the boxing ring on June 1st. For Jorge Masvidal, the boxing match will be the second of his career, last defeating Joseph Benjamin all the way back in June 2005. The bout will also be the welterweight’s first, since retiring after a loss to Gilbert Burns last April.

Late last week, Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz were in Las Vegas to hold the first press conference for their fight. During the presser, Jake Paul was brought up, and both former UFC fighters quickly bashed him. Quickly, ‘The Problem Child’ took to social media to respond, alleging that Dana White told Masvidal that he couldn’t fight him.

Furthermore, Jake Paul stated that he would offer Jorge Masvidal $10 million to fight him in the PFL. Earlier today, ‘Gamebred’ responded to those comments on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani. There, Masvidal utterly tore into Paul, confirming that the UFC vetoed him as an opponent due to the things he’s said about Dana White.

Furthermore, Masvidal slammed the YouTuber-turned-boxer for even bringing the PFL up. While the former UFC title challenger has no problem meeting Paul in the street, a sanctioned bout is out of the question.


Jorge Masvidal, Unretired, UFC

Jorge Masvidal slams Jake Paul over mention of potential PFL fight, boxing match

“I’ll address this little coward right now because I know he’s watching this s*it.” Jorge Masvidal stated on The MMA Hour when Jake Paul was brought up. “This little pervert creep be peeping on your show brother. Listen [Jake], the UFC doesn’t like your b*tch a*s. Dana White, don’t like your b*tch a*s. Obviously, Hunter Campbell doesn’t like your b*tch a*s. They said ‘We’re not going to let you make money with this guy,’ because at the end of the day, we’re partners. Me and Nate, we’re going to make money right now.”

He continued, “Whether he likes me or not, we’re going to make a f*cking ton of money. They don’t care for that motherf*cker… I get why they don’t want me to f*ck with him and make him any notoriety or money. They don’t give a f*ck about him. Jake runs up on me somewhere else where it’s not a ring or something you can find out bro. You’re talking about the PFL, the f*ck are you going to do in MMA? Are you kidding me? You can’t even box.”

“Now you’re going to fight in MMA? I would kick your f*cking kneecap off your fragile body.” Jorge Masvidal stated, concluding his thoughts on Jake Paul. “You dumb motherf*cker, don’t bring up MMA ever you disrespectful piece of s*it. I’ve been doing that s*it since that motherf*cker was f*cking sucking on f*cking bananas and shoving them down his throat on YouTube to get hits.”

What do you make of these comments? Do you want to see a PFL fight between Jorge Masvidal and Jake Paul?

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