UFC champion Jon Jones says talks of Tyson Fury fight are very much real: “1 boxing fight. 1 MMA fight”

By Cole Shelton - June 15, 2023

Jon Jones says talks with Tyson Fury are legit.

Jon Jones and Tyson Fury

For the past couple of weeks, Jones and Fury have been taking aim at one another on social media. Although many fans thought a fight would never happen, Dana White recently came out and said he would make that fight if both wanted it.

“Jon Jones is the baddest dude on the planet. There is no debate, there is no denying it, you know what I mean. There is no debate, I don’t care what anybody says, everybody can try to spin it, a lot of this stuff is clickbait,” White said to BroBible. “You know how I am. If Tyson Fury really wants to fight Jon Jones in the UFC, I will make it happen. Here’s my thing, right now to Tyson Fury, Tyson, if you’re serious, let me know. Tyson and I have a good relationship. I like Tyson Fury. If he’s serious…

Let’s find out. We can talk all we want, Tyson can talk, Jon Jones can talk, I can talk, we can all talk. Let’s do it,” White added. “If Tyson is serious, and he wants to do it, listen, I got Floyd Mayweather to fight (Conor McGregor), and we paid Floyd. We got Floyd the number he wanted. If Tyson Fury is serious, and he wants to fight Jon Jones in the UFC, let’s start talking.”

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Now, as Jon Jones went to Atlanta to corner his teammate Maurice Greene at PFL 5, he spoke to Fight Oracle and confirmed talks are ongoing for him to fight Tyson Fury. They would fight once in boxing and once in MMA and Jones said he is fine having the boxing match first.

“Just ran into the GOAT  @JonnyBones in Atlanta. The talks between him and @Tyson_Fury are very much real. He showed me the text messages between them. 1 boxing fight. 1 MMA Fight. Jon wants a money fight & has no issues going into the lions den against Tyson in a boxing ring 1st.”

If the UFC can make a two-fight deal for Tyson Fury vs. Jon Jones, both fights would be a highly-anticipated and big payday for both men.

Yet, if it doesn’t come to fruition, the hope is Jones will return in November against Stipe Miocic as he looks to defend his heavyweight title for the first time.

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