Dana White rips Jon Jones after latest arrest: ‘It’s not even shocking anymore’

By Cole Shelton - September 24, 2021

UFC president, Dana White wasn’t surprised when he heard Jon Jones was arrested once again.

Jon Jones, Dana White

On Friday, it was revealed the former UFC light heavyweight champion in Jones was arrested by Las Vegas PD. According to reports, Jones was charged with battery, domestic violence, and injuring and tampering with a vehicle. It was shocking news to many due to the fact on Thursday night, Jones was inducted into the Hall of Fame for his first fight with Alexander Gustafsson. Yet, for White, he says Vegas is trouble for “Bones” and it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

“It’s hard to bring this guy to Las Vegas for any reason. This city is not good for Jon Jones, here we are again,” White said to the media about Jones. “It’s like it’s not even shocking anymore, when we bring him here it’s almost expected. You can’t even get him into Las Vegas for less than 12 hours to induct him into the Hall of Fame, it’s a problem. This guy has a lot of demons, man, a lot of demons.”

Jon Jones

Jon Jones on Twitter

Jon Jones is scheduled to have his first appearance in Las Vegas Justice Court on Saturday at 1:30 p.m. Jones’ advisor, Richard Schaefer told ESPN that his team has no comment at this time.

“The facts are still developing, we really don’t know yet the full story so I’m not going to make any comment until I have a chance to talk to Jon and until we see how this plays out,” Schaefer said to ESPN.

Whether or not Dana White and the UFC will do anything to Jones is uncertain. He has been pulled from cards and even stripped of his belt due to legal troubles in the past. Yet, as White says, there is no question Jones has a lot of demons he is dealing with.

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