Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller releases introspective statement following latest arrest: “I’m doing everything I can to change”

By Josh Evanoff - September 21, 2023

Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller has released a public statement following his arrest last month.


The 42-year-old was famously one of the earliest stars to come from MMA. Fighting from 2001 to 2016, he fought everywhere from the UFC to DREAM. Furthermore, signature wins over names such as Kazushi Sakuraba and Tim Kennedy saw Jason Miller earn a mainstream following.

The man known simply as ‘Mayhem’ hosted MTV’s Bully Beatdown. Later, he starred in 2012’s Here Comes The Boom with Kevin James. However, it was around that time that Jason Miller began having legal troubles. As many fans are aware, he’s been arrested countless times over the last decade, as he struggled with substance abuse.

Earlier this month, Jason Miller was again arrested. This time, he was arrested following a bar fight in West Hollywood, reportedly choking out a fan who first approached him for a picture. He later made bail but has been silent since the arrest. On social media earlier today, he released a lengthy statement.

The statement was a very introspective one, as Jason Miller apologized. The former Strikeforce title challenger also promised to work on himself for his friends and family in the post.


Jason Mayhem Miller

“Maybe some of you can understand and empathize, but I don’t expect you to, or even care what happens to an old prizefighter.” A section of Jason Miller’s lengthy social media statement read. “I choose this path far before I realized what could happen after the glory faded away, and I ask myself sometimes if I knew the reality, would I have picked any differently, and consistently I come to the conclusion, that, no, the younger me at the wheel, I could’ve never picked a different path.”

He continued, “By all accounts I am a great coach, but all my personal problems have piled up, and I’ve fallen short of my own standards, therefore I am taking some time to work on myself. Until recently I viewed asking for help as something for the weak, but a very special person has shown me that the actual opposite is true; asking for help shows strength. Strength of character and strength of mind.”

“My family has bore the brunt of my frustration and self destructive behavior, so to them I offer a sincere apology and if I have directly affected you in a negative manner, I am sorry. More than likely, you’ve seen the sunny side of Instagram and figured, “Mayhem is a bit whacky, but doing great.” I haven’t. I’ve been doing horrible and I realize that now and I’m doing everything I can to change it. Thank you for your support, but I’m not reading comments. I’m going to work on me now for the good of my family.”

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