Ian Machado Garry hits back at Michael ‘Venom’ Page’s “Fake Conor McGregor” label

By Curtis Calhoun - June 26, 2024

UFC welterweight contender Ian Machado Garry has responded to Michael ‘Venom’ Page’s mockery of comparisons to Conor McGregor.

Ian Machado Garry, Michael 'Venom' Page

Garry and Page will clash on the UFC 303 main card this Saturday in Las Vegas. It’s a pivotal welterweight matchup between two of the division’s top contenders and a chance for Garry to keep riding his unbeaten streak.

Since his UFC debut, Garry’s reception by fans has taken a drastic turn. Some of his adversaries, including Page, have accused him of demonstrating an inauthentic persona and trying too hard to copy McGregor’s promotional style.

Michael Page has hit hard at Ian Machado Garry leading up to UFC 303. He’s called the Irishman a ‘Fake Conor McGregor’ and someone who is universally hated by the UFC fanbase.

Garry had the chance to break his silence ahead of his latest PPV showcase.

Ian Machado Garry compares himself to Kobe Bryant, Conor McGregor

During his UFC 303 pre-fight media day press conference, Garry responded to Page’s remarks.

“Anyone saying that I’m trying to be like Conor McGregor, or I am trying to do something to be like Conor, I take that as a compliment!” Garry exclaimed. “He’s the greatest star the sport’s ever seen. So if you’re comparing me to him, it means I’m doing something right. People are saying I want to be like him, [but] I’m not trying to be like him in any way, shape, or form. Have I been inspired by him? Absolutely. How many people talked about Kobe Bryant trying to be like Michael Jordan? Kobe Bryant went out and made a legacy of his own, in his own way, but having similar traits and styles to Jordan…

“I’m born and bred from Dublin Ireland, Conor [is too]. He talks the talk and walks the walk, backs it up, and I’m the exact same,” Garry continued. “Conor’s done everything he said he was gonna do in his career, I have yet to prove what I’ve done. What I need to do, that’s my job. So my job is to continue what I’m doing, on my journey to destiny, on the goal that I’ve set. The destiny that’s been written for me…it’s my goal to do it my way. And at the end of it, people are just going to say ‘Wow, this kid was special and he did it his own way’, and that’s the only way I look at it.”

Garry began being compared to McGregor when he won the Cage Warriors welterweight championship in 2021. He then signed with the UFC and is unbeaten through seven fights in the promotion.

This will be Page’s second UFC appearance after signing in free agency earlier this year. He defeated Kevin Holland in his UFC debut in March.

Garry has publically expressed how much of an inspiration McGregor has been for his combat sports career, further fueling mockery by Page and others. He also defended McGregor’s decision to withdraw from the UFC 303 main event.

Ian Machado Garry and Conor McGregor will likely always draw comparisons, for better or for worse, by the masses. A win over Page on Saturday could go a long way in silencing his detractors.

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