Alex Pereira responds to Jiří Procházka’s take that spiritual forces are unfairly aiding his career

By Curtis Calhoun - June 26, 2024

UFC light heavyweight champion Alex Pereira issued a stone-cold response to Jiří Procházka’s claim that he’s using rituals to gain an unfair advantage in the cage.

Alex Pereira, Jiří Procházka

Pereira and Procházka will headline UFC 303 this Saturday in Las Vegas after a whirlwind for both fighters and the promotion. The card was supposed to mark Conor McGregor’s UFC return before he withdrew earlier this month due to a toe injury.

Seven months after Pereira won the then-vacant title at UFC 295, the light heavyweight titleholder will face Procházka in a short-notice rematch. Despite both fighters having little time to prepare, the fight is expected to deliver on most expectations.

The pre-UFC 303 fight buildup has featured many twists and turns for both Pereira and Procházka. During fight week, Procházka has accused Pereira of using shamans, rituals, and spiritual forces to draw strength in his fights, and has requested that Pereira abstain.

While most have brushed aside Procházka’s bizarre claims, Pereira isn’t afraid to address them.

Alex Pereira issues cold response to Jiří Procházka’s claims

During his UFC 303 media day, Pereira responded to Procházka’s unorthodox challenge.

“Well everybody has their own spirits, we’re not just made of flesh and bone,” Pereira said. “If he did not find his or he doesn’t believe, that’s not my fault.”

Pereira’s ancestry is from Brazil’s Pataxó tribe and his nickname, ‘Poatan’, is linked to his ancestral discovery. ‘Poatan’ can be translated to ‘Stone Hands’ in the Tupi language.

Pereira’s UFC run is unprecedented. Just eight fights into his MMA career, he defeated Israel Adesanya for the UFC middleweight title at UFC 281.

Alex Pereira added his name to an exclusive group when he won the UFC light heavyweight title in November. He is one of just nine all-time two-division champions in UFC history.

Pereira’s tribe has fueled the fire behind his remarkable rise through the UFC ranks. As UFC 303 draws near, Pereira has vehemently declined Procházka’s request to fight without a spiritual component.

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