Sean O’Malley “knew it wouldn’t take me long” to finish Eddie Wineland at UFC 250

By Cole Shelton - June 9, 2020

Sean O’Malley is pleased with his UFC 250 win over Eddie Wineland.

Sean O'Malley, Eddie Wineland

In the lead up to the fight, O’Malley told he was expecting a viral knockout. He wanted something spinning, but says the one-punch walk-off KO win is good enough for him.

“I kept saying first-round knockout because that’s how I saw it playing out, I knew it wouldn’t take me long to get him out,” O’Malley said to “I wanted something spinning, he was ducking down and I barely missed that spinning head kick that would’ve taken his head off. But, I thought that turned out pretty good.”

In the fight, O’Malley was barely hit and put on a dominant performance. Yet, for “Sugar” he says he wishes the fight would’ve taken place in the bigger cage as it gives him more room to use his footwork and movement.

“I prefer the larger cage. But, it didn’t matter that night. I would’ve enjoyed having the fans, too, just having that energy but I perform either way,” he explained. “I knew at home people were going crazy, it was just another day at work for me. In my head, I expected a viral knockout and after it happened, I wasn’t surprised, I knew that was viral.”

Sean O’Malley says he is completely healthy following the win and is eager to turn it around soon.

Sean O'Malley

Image via @ufc on Instagram/Getty images (photographer not listed)

Yet, what was weird for Sugar was the fact no one called him out. It seemed every card that had a bantamweight fight he was getting called out. But, he knew once Brian Kelleher lost, he wouldn’t be called out and hopes that fight is no behind him as he proved there’s level to this.

“I’ve been getting called out by Brian Kelleher for years. I just feel like people realize there are levels to this and I’m not going to fight him. I’ve always been on a different level and I knew no one ahead of me would call me out,” he said. “They all know that’s not an easy fight and I’m not ranked so why would they call me out. Every bantamweight might not be scared of me but they look at me and go that’s a tough fight.”

For now, O’Malley is back to training and eager to get back in there soon but knows he has to renegotiate his contract first as the Sugar Show is taking over.

“I renegotiate after every fight. After my Terrion fight, I renegotiated, after my Andre fight I renegotiated and after I knocked out Jose I was supposed to but it didn’t work out that way,” O’Malley said. “I’m in good talks with the UFC right now and I’m happy. I should’ve been paid a little bit more probably especially with all the attention I’m getting.

“But, overall the UFC takes good care of me so I can’t complain. I feel like it should be fair. I’m not asking for a lot and I’m a bigger draw than some of the guys getting paid twice than me,” Sean O’Malley concluded. “It’s fine, I’m not upset because they should be getting paid that but I should get equal or more. I’m happy with the UFC. The entire fight week was all about the Sugar Show.”

Were you surprised Sean O’Malley won by first-round KO?